Albino Sulcata tortoise hatchling

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albino sulcata tortoise

Large species of tortoise besides Sulcata

Larger species of tortoise include tortoises that reach a size of 14-48″ in total shell length once mature.  The most common larger tortoises are the African Sulcata and leopard tortoise, but naturally occurring in Africa.  The African Sulcata tortoise has a few “morphs” in terms of color, including albino Sulcata tortoise and ivory.

The leopard tortoise has a few variations as well, based on where the sub-species originates from in Africa.  East African leopard tortoises are the more comm0n, higher-domed, smaller in size leopards reaching lengths of 14-16″.  Whereas the Giant leopard tortoise of South African, Pardalis Pardalis, grow up to 24″.  The largest species of tortoise in the world are going to be the Galapagos tortoise and the Giant Aldabra tortoise.  There are many other types of baby tortoise including many captive bred baby tortoise for sale options including:

  • ivory sulcata tortoise for sale

    Ivory sulcata tortoise for sale

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  • albino sulcata tortoise for sale

    albino sulcata tortoise for sale

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