The best pink belly side necked turtles!

I ordered 3 hatchling pink belly side neck turtles, they arrived healthy and warm. I immediately put them in a bowl of water, and they were active right away and also ate hatchlings pellet food. 2 weeks later the turtles are still very active and eating. They are wonderful, color on them is very bright […]

Love my new Terrapin

Was looking for a Texas Diamondback terrapin These guys had some. Couple messages back and forth and decided to order. Placed order on a Sunday with Presidents’ Day the next day. Received a phone call that they couldn’t be sent out on the holiday and with bad weather coming they watched for a window that […]

Love my new baby box turtle

This turtle is alert and healthy. You can take one look at this turtle and know how well taken care of he has been.

My new turtle is awesome!

The new turtle is awesome. And thanks for being proponents of captive-bred breeding programs that promote the sale of happy, healthy, CB animals, and ensure that more and more wild turtles and tortoises remain free and where they belong – in the wild.  I am more than happy with my purchase and my new turtle […]

Love my African Side neck turtle

The packaging was great she had a little heat pack to keep her warm and toasty!