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Pancake Tortoise for sale

Tortoise Town has some AWESOME baby Pancake Tortoises for sale!

African Pancake Tortoises are some of the coolest tortoises for sale in the world!  Naturally found in Tanzania and Kenya, these rare and beautiful our African pancake tortoise for sale are extremely well marked and have vibrant, vivid colors.  Pancake tortoises are the “flattest” of all tortoises, stay relatively small and are very easy to care for.

 Lastly, the captive bred baby African pancake tortoise for sale is one of our personal favorites of all species of tortoise.  Pancakes or “Cakes” as we call them around our farm are amazing little tortoises.  One of the tinier tortoises in the world, pancakes have a ton of personality!  Keeping pancakes can be both rewarding an educational.  Pancake tortoises for sale are smart, inquisitive, and very quick.  Lastly, pancakes can climb better than most tortoises.

Tortoise town has the nicest African Pancake tortoise for sale anywhere!

The African Pancake Tortoise is a small, flat tortoise with a flexible shell. Also,  pancake’s shell has openings between the bony plates, making it much lighter and not as rigid as in other tortoises, and has a flexible bridge (connecting the plastron and carapace) to allow it to be flattened slightly as the pancake tortoise seeks shelter in rock crevices. Individuals are brown, with radiating yellow markings on the shell.

Pancake tortoises for sale have flexible plastons!

Because a lighter, flexible shell does not provide as much protection as a typical tortoise shell, pancakes spend much of their time among rocks and in crevices for protection.  Be sure that you buy your pancake tortoise for sale from a reputable pancake tortoise breeder.

Pancake tortoise Care

In General, the African pancake tortoise is a fairly easy pet tortoise for sale.  Keeping a baby pancake tortoise is simple so long as you do your homework on the proper setup.  Having the right African pancake tortoise habitat from day one it important.  A proper habitat will make owning a beautiful pancake tortoise for sale a pleasure.

Pancake tortoise habitat

Anything can be used really, from Tupperware sweater boxes to aquariums or tortoise tables for sale.  Remember pancake tortoises are some of the smallest species of tortoise for sale in the world.  A baby pancake tortoise habitat setup is going to be reasonably the same however the parameters just have to be a little more “dialed in” so to speak.  A habitat for an adult Pancake tortoise should be no less than 2×4′ where as a group of 1 male and 3 female can exist happily in something 3×6′.  Our baby pancake tortoises are raised in small 2×4′ closed containers which enable us to get humidity high and air movement low.

baby Pancake tortoise for sale – temperature

Temperatures should hover in the 85 degree range during the day time.  Night time lows should not exceed 70 Degrees.  Using a heating element or heat lamp is necessary.  Provide your African Pancake tortoise with a basking area of 90-94 degrees and a cooler zone of 75-80 degrees.  Over time, you will start to notice your Pancake tortoise either basking or sitting in the cooler zone of the habitat.  Pancakes like all reptiles are cold-blooded and therefore need to thermoregulate their internal body temperature by using hot and cold spots.

Pancake tortoise substrate

Cakes can be kept in either potting soil, potting mix, or clay. Some Pancake tortoise breeders use excavator clay and build a nice habitat that way.  Providing a lay box is important if you have egg laying females, especially if you are using hard moldable clay as your Pancake tortoise substrate.

Pancake tortoise humidity

Baby Pancake tortoises for sale should be kept in high humidity.  We recommend anywhere from 75-80% for most all species of baby tortoise for sale.  Once your tortoise is older, you can dial back the humidity from anywhere from 40-55%.  Pancakes typically enjoy it more humid in the morning and dry in the evenings and late afternoon.  If you are using a reptile fogger system, use it once daily in the morning only.  Having your fogger controlled by the same timer as your lights works easiest.

Baby Pancake tortoise for sale – water

Like all living things, water is important for your new baby pancake tortoise.  Always provide clean, fresh water for your new African pancake tortoise for sale.  Be sure to use a shallow dish, especially for baby African pancake tortoises.  You will also find your new tortoise soaking in the water dish, and often also pooping in it.  Cleaning your water dish a couple of times a week is sufficient, however, change the water daily.

Pancake tortoise diet

A healthy African pancake tortoise is a well fed Pancake tortoise a wise man once said? Feed a wide variety of dark leafy greens and veggies.  Our pancakes here at our tortoise farm eat everything including collard greens, mustard greens, squash, bell peppers, romaine, spring mix, shredded carrots, tomato and more.  Mixing Mazuri tortoise chow into your chopped greens mixture after it was soaked and softened ads protein and vitamin D3.

baby Pancake tortoises for sale – general care

Caring for your baby African pancake tortoise is fairly easy and similar to adult tortoise care.  Keeping in mind that your temperatures, humidity and all parameters need to be dialed in even more perfectly with Pancake tortoise hatchlings for sale.

Over 25 Species of captive bred tortoises for sale

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pancake tortoise for sale

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