Leopard tortoise humidity

When you are looking for the best baby leopard tortoise for sale to buy, consider your setup first!  If you are asking yourself “what is the best leopard tortoise humidity percentage?” you have come to the right place.  Humidity is very important for all species of tortoise for sale, including baby leopard tortoises for sale.  Really all baby tortoise for sale especially require high humidity for the first 24 months of life.

What humidity is best for a baby leopard tortoise?

Here at TT we prefer high humidity as well as limited air flow for all of our baby tortoise enclosures.  Baby tortoises especially can dehydrate so very quickly if kept indoors in dry environments.  Using a reptile fogger helps for sure, but also spray the substrate is key.  In additon we recommend limiting the air flow of your leopard tortoise habitat to maintain the best low air movement based humidity.  If you are using something like a tortoise house for example, you may need to partially cover the screen top.

Best humidity for leopard tortoise

We prefer to keep humidity at about 75-85% for our baby leopard tortoises.  Once a juvenile leopard tortoise for sale reaches 24 months old, you can lower it to 60% range.  Once adult leopard tortoises are mature, you can keep it as low as 45%.  Humidity is important for the baby leopard tortoise more so than the juvenile or adult.

leopard tortoise humidity