Medium tortoises for sale

medium-sized tortoises for sale

Red foot tortoises are fantastic tortoises and are medium in size once mature. Red foot tortoises reach sizes of 9-12″ as adults and make excellent pet tortoises.

Burmese star tortoises are one of the most beautiful and sought after tortoises in the US. These beautiful medium sized tortoises make excellent pets and typically reach 10-12″ in size.

The Eastern Hermann’s Tortoise is much larger than their Western cousins and are considered medium sized at 8-11″ once full grown. Eastern Hermanns tortoises make fantastic pets and are fairly easy to care.

The middle sized of the 3 star tortoise breeds, the Sri Lankan Star tortoise is medium sized and reaches size of 9-11 inches, making them larger then an Indian Star tortoise but smaller than their Burmese cousins.

The common leopard tortoise (pardalis babcocki) is a medium sized tortoise that reaches sizes of 9-14 inches depending on the origination of it’s lineage. Leopard tortoises make fantastic pet tortoises and are one of the more common types of tortoises kept as pets.

The Burmese star is the largest of the star tortoises but still only reaches a total size of 9-12″ once fully mature. The Burmese star is considered the crown jewel of most tortoise collections and are known for having the most outgoing personality of all of the star tortoise species.

Over 25 Species of captive bred tortoises for sale

Other species of tortoise for sale offered here include giant tortoises like the Aldabra tortoise, baby Sulcata tortoise, Burmese mountain tortoise and more.  Medium size species include the leopard tortoise, red-foot tortoise, yellow footed tortoise, mountain tortoise, Burmese star tortoise, and the giant leopard tortoise. Small tortoises breeds include Hermanns tortoise for sale, Greek Tortoise, Indian Star tortoise, Pancake Tortoise, Russian tortoises, and the Egyptian tortoise.  Above all, we’ve got the widest selection of tortoise for sale in the USA, including baby tortoises for sale cheap, juveniles and adult tortoises for sale.

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