Marginated Tortoise for sale

A baby marginated tortoise is a beautiful species of tortoise that occurs primarily in the southern parts of Europe.  You can find Marginateds in Greece and Italy, with a few isolated populations on islands in those areas.  Best of all, Marginated tortoises are easy to care for, and can make lifelong companions for tortoise keepers who enjoy the Testudo family of tortoises.

Marginated tortoise for sale

Marginated tortoises for sale are a medium-sized species of tortoise for sale from the testudo family.  This family of tortoises includes the baby Hermann’s tortoisebaby Russian tortoise, Greek tortoise and Egyptian tortoise for sale.  Baby Marginated tortoise care is fairly simple and explained in more detail below.  If you are asking yourself, how to care for a Marginated tortoise? Or, How do I set up a Marginated tortoise habitat? You are in luck, as we answer all those questions and more, concerning your new Marginated tortoise care, below.

Marginated tortoise humidity

Marginated tortoise humidity usually hovers around 75-85% for Marginated tortoise hatchlings for sale.  Adult Marginated tortoises typically enjoy a humid period in the morning to simulate morning fog or dew.

Marginated tortoise substrate

Substrate for your new baby Marginated tortoise can be as easy as organic potting mix, with a thin layer of oyster shell on top.  Marginateds, as they grow, can eat the oyster shell and it has been found to be helpful in egg-laying females calcium retention.  Also, try using paper towels can be used for the Marginated tortoise hatchling for sale, as they are cheap and easy to clean up.

Marginated tortoise diet

Tortoise Town fees a variety of fresh leafy greens and healthy veggies to all of our adult and baby tortoise for sale.   A combination, that is chopped and mixed as final preparation should include 4-6 different greens and veggies and be varied.  Tortoises enjoy collard greens, mustard greens, beet greens as well as romaine, squash, shredded carrots is great.  In addition, we include tomato once per week and soaked and soft mazuri tortoise chow.  Because we toss our Mazuri with the greens and make a nice fresh mixture.  Your baby Marginated tortoise for sale will eat the same as your adult torts, just less.

Marginated tortoise and calcium and vitamin supplements

Providing a light dusting of a 50/50 mix of a reptile vitamin and calcium with d3 is important.  Lightly dust or sprinkle on top of the fresh food twice a week.  Providing proper UVB exposure is also very important in calcium metabolization.  Turtle store uses reptical and reptivite mixtures.  Using a combination of a reptile vitamin and reptile calcium with D3 is key. Dust your tortoises’ food twice a week by lightly sprinkling the mixture atop their fresh greens.

Marginated tortoise UVB Lighting

Always provide your new baby Marginated tortoise for sale with the right UVB.  We recommend using a 10% or 12% UVB Lamp.  The higher you mount the lamp from the substrate, the stronger lamp need be used.  Turtle store highly recommends using the Reptisun t5 UVB light fixture available here and changing the lamp to a 10% or 12% UVB lamp.

Marginated tortoises for sale – water

Always provide your baby Marginated tortoise for sale with fresh water access.  Keep your water very shallow to prevent drowning.  Using a terra cotta potting dish works great and will enable your tort to enter and exit the watering hole.

Marginated tortoise care – temperature

Temperature for baby Marginateds can remain ambient at 85 degrees.  Night time lows to not exceed 75 degrees of course.  Adult Marginateds enjoy hot spots in the 90s and colder areas as low as 76 degrees.  In the evening, the adult Marginated enclosure can drop as low as 65 degrees without issue.

Marginated tortoise habitat

Marginated tortoise setups, habitats or enclosures can be made easily and without needing much money.  Even an aquarium can be used, or a Tupperware sweater box, so long as the sides are blocked from viewing thru.  As a rule of thumb, provide 5-6 square feet for each mature adult Marginated.  Using something that has limited airflow works well.

Marginated tortoise range

The range of the Marginated tortoise overlaps with the range of Hermann’s tortoise. Interestingly, in some areas, wild specimens of the two are not known to cross breed with one another.

Family: Testudinidae marginated tortoise for sale

  • Adult Size: 8 to 12 lbs.
  • Marginated tortoise size 8-12″
  • Range: Greece, Southern Balkan Peninsula.
  • Habitat: Hills and mountain areas.
  • Marginated tortoise Lifespan: 50+ years
  • Care Level: beginner

The marginated tortoise is a unique looking tortoise because of its extremely flared marginal scutes from which it gets its name. The males’ marginal scutes are usually much more flared than on the female.

Baby Marginated tortoises for sale

We have some wonderful captive bred Marginated tortoises for sale.  We are proud to say that do not sell any wild-caught animals :) Marginated tortoises are very cold tolerant and should be maintained at a temperature range of 75 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit at the basking site. If temperatures fall below this they will be inclined to hibernate which they do in the wild when the seasons dictate it.   marginated tortoise

These tortoises are opportunistic feeders in that they will take the usual dark leafy greens, weeds and some grasses. They are not known to be very active grazers. Marginateds are also known to consume insects, snails and carrion. In captivity, they can be fed dark leafy greens, fibrous fruits such as pears and apples in addition to various berries. The main idea is to feed as varied as possible. As with all tortoise species, clean fresh water in a water dish should be provided at all times.

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