Leopard Tortoise Size

Adult leopards grow from 9 to 18 inches long (most grow 9-12″ at full maturity) depending on where the tortoise comes from (what geographic subspecies it is from). The Giant South African leopard tortoise subspecies, Stigmachelys pardalis pardalis, can grow up to 24 inches, however, most reach around 14-18″, and the leopard giants from Ethiopia and Somalia can grow up to 30 inches.  Consider how big your new baby leopard tortoise will grow before purchasing any leopard tortoise for sale.

leopard tortoises for sale are medium sized tortoises

Consider that most of the time you will find the females outgrowing the males, however depending on the geographic origin of the leopard tortoise baby this may be reversed, or male and females may be of similar size.  Remember that male leopards will have a concave plastron, and a longer tale, where females would have a much shorter tail and convex plastron.  Overall care research is so important for all species of tortoise for sale, including baby leopard tortoises for sale.  Really all baby tortoise for sale especially require special care for the first 24 months of life.

leopard tortoise size