western Hermann’s tortoise for sale

Before deciding which hermann’s tortoise for sale is right for you, consider either the eastern hermann’s tortoise for sale, or the more rare, smaller and vividly colored western hermann’s tortoise for sale in a side by side comparrision.  The Western Hermann’s tortoise, or “testudo hermanni hermanni once classified as the same species as the Eastern Hermann’s tortoise is now recognized as it’s own subspecies and rightfully so.

western hermann tortoise

Our friend Chris Leone of Garden State tortoise, a pioneer in the captive breeding of Western Hermann’s tortoises has provided some great information on the differences between the 2 species.  At first glance the obvious differences are size and color.  The Western Hermanns tortoise is much more colorful, has a sharper contrast of color with more vibrant yellows, deeper blacks, and most importantly is MUCH SMALLER making it one of the smallest species of tortoise in the world!  There are many different locales of western hermanns tortoise for sale, but we focus on our favorite, the Tuscan Western Hermann’s tortoise, and all of our babies will be captive bred Tuscan locale western hermann’s tortoises.

Western Hermann’s tortoise

western Hermann tortoise

Western Hermann tortoises

western Hermann’s tortoise

Hermann’s tortoises

Hermann tortoise

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