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     Baby Leopard tortoises for sale

Considering purchasing a baby leopard tortoise for sale?   Leopard tortoises can make excellent pet tortoises for young and old alike!  Easy to care for, super friendly, and get along well with other tortoises. Check out our leopard tortoise for sale selection.  As an experienced leopard tortoise breeder, we enjoy working with these beautiful creatures and raising some fantastic leopard tortoise hatchlings for sale.  When choosing a leopard tortoise for sale, it is important to find the right tortoise farm or tortoise breeder.    The leopard tortoise (Pardalis Babcocki) is the fourth largest species of tortoise in the world, with typical adults reaching  10-16-inches (460 mm) and weighing 18-40-pounds (18 kg) with most averaging around 11-12″ and 25-30 lbs at full maturity.    Large examples like the giant south african leopard tortoise (pardalis pardalis), or the Giants of Ethiopia may be 70-cm (28 inches) long and weigh up to 80-120-pounds (54 kg). An adult’s maximum shell length can reach a 24-inch (610 mm) diameter.  We have a fantastic selection of giant south african leopard tortoise for sale.  Check out the Giant leopard tortoise for sale as well as the more common northern african and east african leopard tortoise.

   The carapace of the leopard tortoise is high and domed, sometimes with pyramid shaped scutes. Juvenile leopard tortoises and young leopard tortoise adults are attractively marked and the markings on each individual are unique. The skin and background color are cream to yellow, and the carapace is marked with black blotches, spots or even dashes or stripes. However, in mature adults the markings tend to fade to a slaty, nondescript brown or grey, commonly tinged with the local dust.  Shop our leopard tortoises for sale where you will find baby leopard tortoise  for sale as well as well started 6 month old well started baby leopard tortoises for sale.  We also have a fantastic leopard tortoise care and leopard tortoise diet section to help you learn the proper leopard tortoise hatbitat as well as serving as a overall leopard tortoise care guide.

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