Russian tortoise UVB Lighting

UVB and a bit of UVA are very important for your tortoise to properly grow.  UVB is the spectrum of light most important to most reptiles in order to process and metabolize calcium and vitamin d3.  Vitamin D3 is naturally made and absorbed in the animal but exposure to the Sunlight is why. Even if you are feeding Vitamin D3 enriched foods or supplements like calcium, UVB is pivotal to the process the tortoise needs to use and absorb that vitamin D3.

Using the proper type of UVB Lamp or tortoise UV light is key to having a healthy tortoise.  Here at the tortoise town tortoise farm, we recommend using T5 HO lamps over T8 and definitely over the compact fluorescent lamp.

Providing your baby tortoise with UVB lighting is key to raising a healthy Russian tortoise hatchling for sale.  UVB should be provided via a t5 HO tube style lamp.  Using a 10% or 10.0 UVB lamp is fine so long as your light is around 15-20″ from the shell of the tortoise.  A 12% lamp is even better however, it needs to be mounted 24″ above the tortoises and will have a great output and coverage area.  We recommend using an Arcadia brand tortoise UVB light.

Baby Russian tortoise for sale hatching here at tortoise town!

Additional Russian tortoise care information

Curious where to find the perfect Russian tortoise for sale? Check out our selection here at Tortoise Town’s Tortoise Farm.

It is very important you find the right russian tortoise breeder that only works with captive bred baby tortoises for sale, NOT wild caught.  The biggest problem with russian tortoises for sale is that most are wild caught and can be as old as 40-50 years old when you buy the russian tortoise.   So when you see a very cheap russian tortoise price, you know it is NOT a captive bred russian tortoise.

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