Leopard Tortoise Temperature 

One of the best things about having a pet leopard tortoise for sale is it does not hibernate. Leopards generally live in areas that are between 70-100 degrees F in their natural habitat.  For indoor tortoise table or enclosure of the leopard tortoise, temperatures should be kept between 75 and 90 degrees.  Lastly, provide them with a basking spot of leopard tortoise UVB light and heat of 95 degrees.  Keep in mind pay attention to your humidity as well as your temperature.  Like all baby tortoise for sale, temperature is very important with baby leopard tortoises.

Best temperature for leopard tortoise

If housed in an outside or outdoor enclosures for leopard tortoise hatchlings may handle a wider range of temperatures.  Similarly, once temperatures drop into the 50s at night or daily high temperatures fail to exceed 70 degrees, move tortoises indoors or provide heat. Lastly, heat may be provided with items such as ceramic heat emitters, infrared heat lights, etc.

leopard tortoise temperature