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Looking for tortoise town reviews?  We have some of our customer reviews available here!

Tortoise Town is a family run company working with over 30 species of 100% captive bred tortoises for sale and turtles for sale.  We work hard to give our customers the best customer service of any tortoise breeder or turtle store!  We thank our many customers including the thousands we have gotten to know over the years!

tortoisetown reviews

Love my Nosy Faly panther chameleon

nosy be panther chameleon

I ordered a panther chameleon from them (Nosy Faly panther chameleon) and he was shipped great! He was super friendly and is very healthy. They shipped very next day and their customer service was A plus. My guy is really the nicest panther chameleon for sale I have ever seen in fact.  More importantly, he… Read more “Love my Nosy Faly panther chameleon”

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