Aldabra Tortoise Lighting

A popular example of this is the Active UV Heat lamp, which is now distributed by several dealers with T-Rex being one of them. Humidity can be provided by moistening the substrate of the hide box but does not seem to be necessary. It is presently suspected that a humid microhabitat is beneficial in good shell development. Both baby and Adult Aldabra tortoise for sale like to soak So, if possible, try to provide a ‘mud hole’ in its outdoor enclosure.  If you’re proving an indoor Aldabra tortoise habitat, be sure to include a large soaking pan for them to drink and to soak.

t5 High output UVB Lamps for tortoises

Using the best type of UVB lamps is using T5 HO.  We recommend them over any type of UVB Lamp of 10% or 12% depending on the distance from the shell.  Typically, having the UVB lamp 15″ away works for 10.0 lamps and 24″ away for 12% UVB Lamps.  The best UVB lamps for tortoises are Arcadia UVB lights.  Try to stay away from screw in lamps as they provide very low-quality uneven UVB light.

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aldabra tortoise lighting

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