Hermann’s Tortoise Size

Hermann’s tortoises for sale are divided into 2 main groups or subspecies.  Within these subspecies we also have different looks and sized based on their geographic “locales” (where they are from in nature).  Typically, if you are looking for a smaller species of Hermanns tortoise for sale, you’d consider the Western Hermann’s tortoise.  Looking for a slightly larger, and less expensive Herman’s tortoise?  Remember no matter the species, when shopping with TT you are always buying an adult or baby tortoise for sale that is captive bred.

Check out the Eastern Hermann’s tortoise for sale.  Inclusive of the eastern locale, you again will have locale based variants in color and size.  For example, the typical yellow Eastern Hermann tortoise would be much different in color than the brown and black patterned dalmatian hermann’s tortoise.  Be sure to explore all of the Hermann’s tortoise care section as well.  This includes properly researching baby Hermann’s tortoise care.

Eastern Hermann’s tortoise size vs Western Hermann’s tortoise size

Size varies with Hermann’s tortoises. Typically, the eastern subspecies tops out between 6” for males and 8” for females (4.5-6” for the Dalmatian variant). Smaller examples from areas like southern Greece and huge specimens (9 to 11”) from places like Bulgaria are not rare. For the western subspecies, males may not grow larger than 4 to 4.5” and females may not surpass 6” max.

Again, smaller tortoises (Mt. Etna for example) and larger individuals (Corsica and Sardinia) exist. Some Sardinian and Corse T. h. hermanni may reach impressive dimensions of more than 8”. Regardless of subspecies, males are the smaller of the sexes. In some cases they may appear to be nearly half the size of an adult female when fully grown depending on origin.  Remember, baby Western Hermann’s tortoise will be more expensive typically triple the cost of a baby Eastern.

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