Aldabra Tortoise Care – Aldabra Tortoise Housing:

The minimum recommended space is 5 X 5 feet or 25 square feet of floor space for a single 8 inch animal. When considering Aldabra tortoise care, consider your substrate as well. Using a suitable substrate like Hay, aspen bedding, sand or dirt.   Here at tortoise town, we use a mixture of potting soil, potting mix, cypress mulch, hay, and dried weeds.  A warm retreat should be provided in colder climates.

A shallow water dish such as a 12 inch diameter glazed plant saucer should be provided making sure to clean and fill the dish daily.  Most imporantly, offering outdoor enclosure is highly recommended when conditions allow this. The above dimensions apply but the more space that can be provided the better.

Aldabra Tortoise Habitat

Aldabra tortoises seem to tolerate a large range of conditions but a warm stable environment is recommended. Baby and adult Aldabra tortoise care includes paying attention to Aldabra tortoise habitat temperatures.  Also noteworthy, the Aldabra giant tortoises for sale should have a hot spot of at least 100F.  Secondly, provide yoru new pet Aldabra giant tortoise and a cool section of no less than 75F. Their heated hide box should be at least 80F.

You can attain this by fixing a heat emitter to the ceiling of the hide box. The wattage of the heat source is going to be determined by the insulation of the hide box and the surrounding temperature. A UV source is a must if you cannot provide daily exposure to natural sunlight. For this a self-ballasted mercury vapor lamp is recommended.

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