Leopard tortoise lighting

Leopard tortoise UVB lighting is a very important part of your tortoise habitat.  Consider that giant leopard tortoise for sale live naturally in African and are subject to some serious sunlight as do the more common East African leopard tortoise!

Keeping your baby leopard tortoise for sale indoors means you need to buy the right lights! In addition, consider the daylight hours and the timer that you’ll need.  8 am to 6pm in fall/winter and 8 am to 8 pm in spring/summer is better then the same schedule year round.

Natural UVB Lighting vs Indoor leopard tortoise UVB lighting

Both natural sunlight or UVB light plays an important role in how the body grows and absorbs and uses calcium. UVB light or natural sunlight allows the tortoise to produce vitamin D3. Vitamin D3 is crucial for the tortoise to absorb and use the available calcium. Lastly, UVB can be achieved by using fluorescent tubes specially made for reptile use. If fluorescent tubes are used for UVB, a separate light or heating element, normally ceramic, may be required for heat.

Be sure explore our leopard tortoise care sheet for information on leopard tortoise humidity, leopard tortoise temperature, leopard tortoise water, leopard tortoise diet, leopard tortoise lifespan and more.

leopard tortoise lighting