African Sulcata tortoise Size:

A very large tortoise or 24-30 inches in length, the African Sulcata tortoise for sale, is one of the largest reptiles in the world.  Not anywhere near as big as an Aldabra or Galapagos tortoise, the African Sulcata is still large and in charge.  Large, heavy and slow to move, once full grown, a baby Sulcata tortoise is a mini Dinosaur!

Sulcata tortoise weight:

Depending on the exact locale of African Sulcata, expect your new baby tortoise for sale to reach at least 75 lbs.  Sudanese and other locales can reach up to 200 lbs, with most between 100 and 150 lbs.

African Sulcata tortoise Appearance: African spur thighed tortoise males are much larger than females. Adult males have the deep concavity in the posterior half of plastron, with long, thin tails tipped by a horny curving spur. Females have a more rounded appearance with features that are not so exaggerated and a short, blunt tail. Adults’ carapace is a uniform brown. Their plastron, head, and limbs are a uniform yellowish. Juveniles have a pale yellow carapace with brown on the scutes, a yellow-white plastron and lighter areoles on the carapace plates.

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Sulcata tortoise size

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