leopard gecko for sale

We have a fantastic selection of top genetic leopard geckos for sale in a variety of sizes and ages.  Check out an amazing selection of leopard geckos including a wide range of leopard gecko colors at the best prices.  If you are considering a new pet reptile, a baby leopard gecko may be the best choice for you!

leopard geckos for sale

Leopard geckos offer amazing colors, are easy to handle, and are super easy to care for.  Choosing a high quality leopard gecko breeder (like us) is key to getting a high end gecko, with proper color and genetics.  When the breeder handles the geckos early and often, it makes for a much better pet gecko than you can imagine.  For this reason and others, we highly recommend purchasing one of our pet geckos for sale.  Of all species of pet geckos, we would agree that leopards are by far the easiest to care for, handle and spend time with outside of their habitat.

Leopard Gecko for sale

Leopard geckos are some of the most popular pet lizards for sale in the world.  Originally, leopard geckos were only available in “wild type” colors.  Becauase wild type leopard gecko color morphs are simply a yellowish gecko with some black spotting.  Interesting, since the early 1990s leopard gecko breeders have been working with leopard gecko genetics.  Because leopard geckos are old enough to breed at such a young age, genetic combinations have been easy to create!

baby leopard geckos for sale

Finally, after a few generations of line breeding, breeders were about to create some really amazing color combinations.  Leopard gecko colors are also known as color morphs. Most importantly, these leopard gecko color morphs are more than just color related.  Leopard gecko morphs include a variety of eye colors, eye types, as well as skin tones and even size!

Did you know that there is now even giant and supergiant leopard geckos for sale? Leopard geckos are some of the most popular pet geckos for sale.  As breeders, we highly recommend buying from actual leopard gecko breeder (like us) rather than at a pet shop.

baby leopard geckos for sale

  1. Leopard gecko can live up to 20 years
  2. Pet Leopard geckos can grow as long as 10 inches in length (supergiants)
  3. In the wild, leopard geckos live in the desert and are nocturnal meaning they only come out at night
  4. leopard geckos are the easiest of all species of pet gecko for sale to care for
  5. Did you know leopard gecko is one of only a few gecko species that has distinct outer ears and eyelids!
  6. Unlike other species of pet gecko, a leopard gecko does not have sticky hands, therefore they can’t climb walls and other vertical surfaces like other species of pet gecko

leopard gecko color morphs for sale

Looking for top quality leopard geckos for sale including the best leopard gecko color morphs?  Buy leopard gecko for sale online from tortoise town or our sister store, CB reptile!  Leopard gecko breeders are available across the country, but both Tortoise Town and CB Reptile specialize in top genetics.

Our leopard geckos are vividly colored, calm tempered baby geckos and adult geckos for sale. If you are looking for a pet gecko for sale that does not require live food (insects) to eat, than you should consider the crested gecko for sale, or the gargoyle gecko for sale, as they both eat a powdered gecko diet that needs to be mixed with water.

leopard geckos for sale

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