Crested gecko for sale

Crested geckos for sale are originally from New Caledonia (a group of islands between Fiji and Australia). Because crested geckos are primarily tree dwellers, they make outstanding displays in naturalistic vivariums. Also noteworthy, because of their ease of care, the crested gecko for sale are ideal pet reptiles for sale for beginners.

Crested Geckos

Crested geckos can make fantastic pet geckos as they are one of the most easy to care for reptiles for sale anywhere.  Baby crested geckos can be a tad more difficult so we do recommend purchasing the juvenile size, over the crested gecko hatchlings.  One of the best thing about having a pet “crestie” is that they enjoy a powdered diet.  We offer a variety of high quality crested gecko food for sale to all of our baby and juvenile crested geckos.

baby crested gecko

Crested gecko diet is also provided to our breeding adults, as well as gut-loaded and calcium dusted insects.    It is not necessary to feed insects to your pet crested gecko, however feed our crested gecko breeders extra protein and supplements in order to produce the strongest and healthiest crested gecko babies.

Crested Gecko Size

Crested geckos are not large animals, which is in part why they are so easy to handle.  Secondly, both male and female crested geckos can reach up to 4.5 inches excluding their tail region.  Also, if you include the tail, they can reach up to 8 inches long. Adult crested geckos are sexually mature when 15 to 18 months of age, and at a weight of approximately 35 grams.

Crested Gecko Availability

Once upon a time, a crested gecko was once considered among the rarest lizards in captivity. Fortunately, today, baby crested geckos for sale are hatched in large quantities and have become standard in the pet industry.  Also, crested gecko morphs for sale have become one of the coolest parts of the hobby, producing some amazing crested gecko color morphs.

Crested Gecko Habitat

Baby crested geckos are best housed in large plastic terrariums or in standard (20-inch) 10-gallon reptile tanks with a screen top. An adult crested gecko for sale should be housed in a 20-gallon tank with screen top. Larger gecko habitats or gecko tanks will allow for better displays. In areas with moderate to high relative humidity, crested geckos will fare well in screen cages.

Crested Gecko habitats have the advantage of being light and easy to clean. You can keep one male and several female crested geckos together. Male crested geckos for sale may fight, particularly when in the company of females, and should not be kept together.  Crested gecko breeders with experience will also tell you this.  Be aware that there are many crested gecko breeders out there, but only a choice few who care about quality.

Crested Gecko Food

In addition to fruit, crested geckos relish insects and some hobbyists choose to offer these as either a primary diet or as supplementary diet. Crickets now sold in the pet trade are the best choice and you should select a size where the length of cricket equals the width of the head.

Crickets should be lightly coated with a vitamin/mineral supplement that contains calcium, vitamin D3 and a complement of other essential vitamins and minerals. They should be offered three times a week as a primary diet or once a week as a treat/supplement to the Crested Gecko Diet.

feeding your baby crested geckos for sale

Complete crested gecko powdered diets marketed as Repashy Superfoods “Crested Gecko” Diet or Pangea, has played a key role in making these among the most popular of lizards kept as pets, because it excludes the need to feed live insects. Crested geckos for sale thrive when fed this diet exclusively.  Most importantly, it has been tested with thousands of geckos for more than 10 years.

Crested gecko diet is mixed with two parts water and offered in shallow dishes three times a week as much as these geckos will eat at a feeding. The diet is allowed to remain 24 to 36 hours before removal.  Your crested gecko for sale will enjoy the correct powered crested gecko diet with insects.

Crested Gecko for sale 

Lifespan: Under proper care, plan for your new baby crested gecko to live 15 to 20 years.

Crested gecko color morphs

There is a wide range of crested gecko morphs, or crested gecko color morphs available across the USA.  Some of the more common morphs include:

  • Flame
  • Dalmatian
  • Super Dalmatian
  • Harlequin
  • Extreme Harlequin
  • Tiger
  • Full Pinstripe
  • partial pinstripe
  • phantom pinstripe
  • cream
  • brown
  • black
  • near white
  • orange flame
  • red flame
  • Variants of all of the above

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