Indian Star Tortoise substrate

The enclosure needs to have an unscented substrate (bedding) on the bottom that is designed for retaining humidity.  Because of this, it can also offer the tortoise something to grip onto.  Also, this can allow them to dig shallow nests and is safe if accidentally eaten. If the tortoise lives on a slippery surface, their muscles and joints will not form correctly. Because of. this, they will be unable to get up if they fall on their backs. The substrate should be as deep as the length of the tortoise’s legs, or a little deeper.

Fine grade bark chips can work well, but compacted coconut fiber is another option. Some owners like to use more than one type of substrate (such as tortoise pellets, made from straw).  Variations of the substrate can be placed at different locations in the enclosure.  Keep in mind that the humidity-retaining substrate should be used under or near the basking lamp.  Keep in mind that Mazuri tortoise food, and other tortoise pellets degrade rapidly when exposed to moisture. Lastly, you can use cypress mulch, however, if too small, can contain sharp pieces and may cause injuries.

Indian Star tortoise Care Guide

For more information on star tortoise care, please check out some of our free star tortoise information below.  Our biologist has provided quite a bit of care related information for all new tortoise owners education.

Indian Star tortoise for sale

Indian Star tortoise for sale Indian Star tortoise for sale

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