Star Tortoise humidity

These animals are from humid environments, so although in some cases it is possible to use a tortoise table enclosure, wooden vivariums with sliding glass doors are best, as the humidity needs to be managed in the enclosure. The ventilation in most vivariums is not adequate, and extra vents will need to be added (for example, add 10 round 70 mm – just under 3 inches – soffit vents). Alternatively, the glass doors can be wedged open a few cms (an inch). All wooden joints should be sealed with aquarium silicone to avoid water damage.

If using a tortoise table enclosure, the walls need to be taller than the length of the tortoise’s shell and must be slippery so that the tortoise cannot climb them. Pine enclosures must be coated in non-toxic paint or varnish, to prevent the pine from releasing toxins when it is heated.

Indian Star tortoise Care Guide

For more information on star tortoise care, please check out some of our free star tortoise information below.  Our biologist has provided quite a bit of care related information for all new tortoise owners education.

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