Hermann’s tortoise are some of the nicest and smallest pet tortoises for sale.  Hermanns tortoises are known for being outgoing, far from shy, friendly and active.  They are probably the most popular small tortoise for sale that we offer, along with the russian tortoise for sale.  Being members of the “Testudo” or “mediterranean” tortoise family, they are grouped with other popular tortoises for sale, like the russian tortoise, greek tortoise, egyptians and a few others.  There are 2 major subspecies one being the Eastern Hermann’s tortoise (Testudo hermanni) and the other being the smaller, slightly more colorful Western Hermann’s tortoise for sale (Testudo hermanni hermanni).  We have some beautiful captive bred hatchling hermanns tortoise for sale, well started 6 month old baby hermann’s tortoise for sale, as well as yearling Eastern Hermann’s tortoises for sale.

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