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Hermann’s Tortoise for sale

Looking for the nicest baby Hermann’s tortoise for sale online?

Hermann’s tortoises are some of the nicest and smallest pet tortoises for sale.   Whether you choose the smaller, more colorful Western Hermann’s tortoise for sale, or the larger Eastern Hermann’s tortoise for sale, you will be buying a great new tortoise!

The Eastern Hermanns tortoise for sale, is known for being outgoing, far from shy, friendly and active. Above all,  baby Hermann’s tortoise for sale is the most popular small tortoise for sale that we offer, along with the Russian tortoise for sale.

A popular species of tortoise, Eastern Hermann’s tortoise for sale is one of the easiest tortoises for sale in the world concerning general care.  Lastly, both the Eastern Hermann’s Tortoise for sale and the Western Hermann’s Tortoise for sale represent the 2 main subspecies of Hermann’s Tortoise.

Testudo Family tortoises

Being members of the “Testudo” or “Mediterranean” tortoise family, they are grouped with other popular tortoises for sale, like the Russian tortoise, greek tortoise, Egyptian tortoise, and a few others.  Hence there are 2 major subspecies one being the Eastern Hermann’s tortoise (Testudo hermanni) and the other being the smaller, slightly more colorful Western Hermann’s tortoise for sale (Testudo hermanni hermanni).  We have some beautiful captive bred hatchling hermanns tortoise for sale, well started 6-month-old baby hermann’s tortoise for sale, as well as yearling Eastern Hermann’s tortoises for sale.

Many locales of western Hermann’s tortoise for sale

This is where differentiation can become difficult because although very rare.  Both the Western and Eastern Hermann’s tortoise have been encountered with inguinal scutes lacking entirely. In fact, on Sicily, western tortoises may be lacking only one. Interestingly, this is a trait that is less often seen in other western locales and combined with characteristics.  Some of these include the presence of thigh tubercles. (like those found on Testudo graeca) The discovery and addition of a new subspecies of Hermann’s tortoise for sale may surface in years to come. A fourth subspecies has already been proposed but has since failed to gain any real acceptance.

Hermann’s tortoise for sale – Hermann’s tortoise Range

Hermann’s tortoises for sale are found throughout southern Europe. Mediterranean oak and beech forest, scrubland, rocky hillsides, meadows and other areas with dense vegetation.  Hence being found in and calcium-rich soil are suitable habitat for wild Testudo hermanni. Yugoslavia, Albania, Romania, Bosnia, Croatia, Greece, Montenegro and Bulgaria for example.  You can find areas by the eastern strains.  While the western are restricted to mainland Italy.   These include Sicily and Sardinia, the south of France ) and northern Spain.  Also they may be found around the Balearic islands Mallorca and Menorca.  If you’re considering either an Eastern Hermann’s or Western Hermann’s tortoise, we’ve got you covered.

Hermann’s Tortoise Habitat and Hermann’s Tortoise Enclosure

Hatchling eastern Hermann’s tortoise for sale, as well as western Hermann’s tortoise for sale, are suitable for indoor keeping. Because in the beginning ,we are protecting them from harsh elements and possible predation. Secondly, outdoor keeping at this stage of life does work well. However, it can pose problems especially for an inexperienced keeper. Lastly, we have managed to successfully house neonates and juveniles in both outdoor and indoor settings but you may find it more comforting and easier to monitor them if indoor housing is your method of choice.  Most importantly, try not to ever use glass aquariums for tortoises.

Glass cannot be used unless it is covered

First of all, glass can create a constant “greenhouse” effect inside causing them to rapidly dehydrate. Secondly, they also drive the tortoises crazy because they cannot comprehend what glass is and why they can see through it but not move forward. This sends stress levels through the roof. Use Rubbermaid containers instead or “tortoise tables” built from ply wood. Lastly, for 2 to 3 hatchlings, a container roughly 2×3 feet will suffice. It should be at least 6” tall. Do not go too big while they are so small because they may become “lost” in the environment.  For this reason, and you will find yourself constantly digging around to find them.

Keeping more than one Hermann’s tortoise for sale together

It’s nothing less than natural and certainly has its benefits. Hermann’s tortoise, of course, do not get lonely or need companionship.  At the same time, it is only fair for them to experience at least some degree of what they encounter in nature. Keeping in mind that this includes the presence of other tortoises, even the same sex.  In closing, not all of us have intentions of going full time with tortoise breeding, in fac,t some of us never wish to breed tortoises at all.

Hermanns Tortoise for sale – Availability

Eastern Hermann’s tortoises (T. h. boettgeri) are readily available in the USA. Keepers have been successfully breeding this subspecies for decades now and captive born hatchlings are almost always attainable. Typically, hatchlings can be found for sale easily in late summer into fall when eggs laid in spring have hatched. Reptile expos and online sources will offer eastern Hermann’s tortoises throughout the year of various ages for reasonable prices. Every year wild collected and farmed specimens are imported into America from Europe.

These specimens are often riddled with parasites and may be harboring infectious diseases. It is best to stay away from these and aim to purchase captive bred tortoises only. Western Hermann’s tortoises (T. h. hermanni) on the other hand, are extremely rare in USA collections. They have never been heavily imported into the country which is attributed to their endangered status in nature and few have been fortunate enough to breed them.

Greens, Greens and more Greens for your Hermann’s tortoises for sale

Collard greens, mustard greens, radicchio, endive, and turnip greens will suffice in moderation. Various “tortoise seed mixes” are now available from distributors and while these can make for an excellent variety of safely grown edibles, be extremely careful with them. Reports of tortoises becoming poisoned from these mixes are now beginning to surface.

When considering a small tortoise for sale, or dwarf tortoise for sale, do not look past Hermann’s tortoise for sale!

Over 25 Species of captive bred tortoises for sale

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