Handling a Pet Iguana

So you want to own a baby iguana but you are not sure if they friendly…  There is no such thing as a “friendly iguana”. Howefer, there is iguanas who are comfortable being held, and others that are not.  This comes from constant human interaction and handling an iguana.  Besides investing money, you also need to invest time to train your baby iguana.  Handling Iguana owners should learn to read their pet’s body language because it can provide hints as to whether the iguana is friendly or is about to attack. Iguanas use their tails as their first line of defense when they feel threatened.  This goes for all species including the Rhino Iguana, Blue Iguana for sale, and the baby Green iguana.   All baby iguanas for sale here at TT and our siter website, CB Reptile are handled often.

How to avoid being tail whipped before your Iggy is tame!

When handling an iguana, you should always be cognizant of where its tail is, so that you can avoid being struck. Iguanas should be held with two hands; it is useful to support their body weight with one palm under the belly and to use your other hand to secure the shoulders and neck. In this position, you can tuck your iguana’s tail under the arm that is supporting its body, so that the tail is held securely against you.

Scared or not tame iguanas will tail whip if scared

Remember, scared or untame Iguanas can bite and have strong jaws and sharp teeth. When you are new to handling your iguana, be sure to avoid putting your hand near his or her mouth.  Iguanas can bite, and do have teeth.  While it is rare, a scared Iggy can be dangerous for those who do not respect it.  Also, iguanas have long fingers and claws that help them to climb. For this reason, your new pet iguana may accidentally scratch you if allowed to climb on or around you. Putting in the time is worth while.  For those that are handled often, most baby iguanas become very tame and friendly with their owners.

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