Tortoise lifespan

Tortoises are very long-lived animals.  Like turtles, tortoises rely on their shell to protect their vital organs.  With proper care, a baby tortoise for sale can live a very long time.  Some species of tortoise can live to over 200 years old, like the Aldabra tortoise for sale.

Desert species, like the leopard tortoise or African Sulcata tortoise for sale live at least 100 years.  Other species, like the Testudo tortoise family, which includes Russian tortoise for sale, Greek tortoise, Egyptian tortoise and more live anywhere from 75-125 years of age.

Forest species, like the Red footed tortoise for sale, yellow foot tortoise and Burmese black tortoise for sale.  These guys live around 60-90 years but 100 years of age is not heard up.

Red Foot Tortoise Lifespan  – (red footed tortoise lifespan) – The lifespan of a red-footed tortoise can vary depending on many factors, but most indications are that they can live for more than 50 years.

Sulcata Tortoise Lifespan – the Sulcata tortoise can live anywhere from 50 all the way up to 150 years old.  So if you are asking yourself how long does a Sulcata tortoise live, now you know!

Leopard tortoise Lifespan – Leopard Tortoises are long-lived tortoises that come to us from the dry desert areas of Northern, Eastern, and Southern Africa.  The Larger of the 2 subspecies the Giant South African Leopard tortoise as well as the Pardalis babcocki both live anywhere from 60-150 years.

Hermann’s Tortoise Lifespan –  Smaller testudo species like Hermann’s tortoise are thought to live anywhere from 50-90 years.

Yellow-foot Tortoise Lifespan –  Yellow Foot Tortoises, like their red-footed tortoise cousins, live anywhere from 50-90 years.

Egyptian Tortoise Lifespan –  Egyptian tortoises are the smallest of the testudo tortoise species and live anywhere from 50-100 years.

Aldabra Tortoise Lifespan –  The Giant Aldabra tortoise, from the Seychelles Islands is one of the longest living animals currently on planet earth.  The oldest Aldabra tortoise was dated to be over 256 years of age.

Greek Tortoise Lifespan –  Greek tortoise including Golden Greek Tortoises as well as Ibera Greek Tortoises, Morrocan Greek Tortoises, etc and live 50-90 years like their Testudo cousins, the Hermann’s Tortoise.

Indian Star Tortoise Lifespan –  Indian Star tortoises are the smallest member of the star tortoise family.  Indian Star tortoises live 60-100 years.

Burmese Star Tortoise lifespan – Burmese Star tortoises are even more beautiful than their Indian cousins and also are larger.  They are more colorful than the Indian and Sri Lankan Stars, are typically a hardier species that are long-lived and expected to live in the range of 60-100 years.

Sri Lankan Star tortoise lifespan – Sri Lankan Star Tortoises are the middle of the Star tortoise size chart, between their smaller Indian Star cousins and the Larger Burmese Star Tortoise.  They live from 60–100 years.

Hingeback Tortoise lifespan -Hingeback tortoises live 50-90 years.

Leopard tortoise lifespan –  Leopard tortoises are long-lived gentle giants.  The Giant South African cousin may live a tad longer but they are both expected to live at least 90 or more years.

Pancake tortoise lifespan  – Pancake tortoises are expected to live anywhere from 50-90 years.

tortoise lifespan

tortoise life span

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