Hermann’s tortoise Lighting

Absolutely nothing beats natural sunlight especially when it comes to tortoises such as Hermann’s. These animals occur in “warm spots or islands” within their native range. In these places, sunlight is plentiful and strong thus providing the animals with adequate UVB.

Nothing beats outdoor UVB Lamps, but you can come close!

This is why it is so important to place the outdoor enclosure in the sunniest location of the yard. For indoor lighting, a 10.0 UVB emitting fluorescent bulb should be fixed across the top of the enclosure. A 100-150 watt basking light should also be placed at one end only to offer the tortoises a basking site of around 95F. Depending on the size of the enclosure, you may want to use more than one basking light to offer the tortoises multiple basking areas but be sure the occupants always have an area where they can escape the direct light and heat.

Using a T5 High output Tortoise UVB lamp is recommended

They may however not use the basking area too frequently if they are newborns. Remember, they know they are vulnerable and instinct tells them to hide as much as possible. The tortoises should be subjected to 12-14 hours of light each day regardless of age. Humidity is crucial in properly housing Hermann’s tortoises long term.

Dehydration is a real threat especially in artificial conditions. A humidity level of around 70% is needed and this can be achieved by offering the tortoises a proper substrate, a constant supply of fresh water and regular, light mistings with a spray bottle. T. hermanni of all ages ages will appreciate a “fake rain” through means of misting or spraying them down.

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