Large tortoise for sale

Large tortoises for sale

Looking for a large tortoise for sale or a giant tortoise for sale? At tortoise town, we have the largest selection of captive bred large tortoise for sale anywhere in the USA!  We specialize in working with ONLY captive bred turtles for sale and tortoises for sale.

The most economically priced, and the largest is the African Sulcata tortoise, also known as the Spur thigh tortoise, or spurred tortoise for sale.  Our Sulcata tortoise for sale come from some of the finest Sulcata breed stock in the world.  We offer traditional african sulcata tortoise for sale as well as albino Sulcata tortoises and Ivory sulcata tortoises for sale online.

giant pet tortoise for sale

Looking for a giant tortoise for sale? African Sulcata Tortoises for sale are large tortoises from Africa also known as African Spur-thighed tortoises and can reach sizes of 21-33″ and weigh from 50-over 100 pounds.

Sulcata Tortoises are large tortoises from Africa also known as African Spur-thighed tortoises and can reach sizes of 21-33″ and weigh from 50-over 100 pounds.

Pardalis Pardalis, also known as Giant South African Leopard Tortoises are one of the largest species of tortoise and range from 14-22″ and 40-90 pounds in weight.

Giant tortoises for sale

The 2nd most popular of all the large species of tortoises is the leopard tortoise.  If you are considering a captive bred leopard tortoise for sale, choosing the right leopard tortoise breeder (like us!) is key.  Pardalis babcocki Leopard tortoise for sale are available throughout the year but the key is getting them from a leopard tortoise breeder who knows about raising them right.  All too often baby leopard tortoises are raised in too dry of an environment, dooming their fate as they grow.  We have been working with baby leopard tortoise for decades and have really “cracked the code” on raising healthy baby leopard tortoises that are well started to go to their new homes and thrive.

Giant tortoise for sale

The Giant south african leopard tortoise, or giant leopard tortoise for sale,  also known as african leopard tortoise is the larger subspecies also known as the Pardalis Pardalis leopard tortoise.  These guys reach up to 18-24″ in size and are darker in color, have multiple “dots” on their vertebral scutes, and have a more of speckled body color and tone.

giant aldabra tortoise

If you are considering a large species of tortoise for sale or even a giant tortoise for sale you have come to the right place.  The largest species of tortoise that we currently work with is the Giant Aldabra tortoise.  If you are considering an aldabra tortoise for sale, we recommend the well started baby aldabra tortoise over the more fragile aldabra tortoise hatchling.  Of course be prepared to spend roughly over 3000.00 for such a rare animal.   Find the right giant tortoise for sale and the right aldabra tortoise breeder.  Also, be sure to do your research on proper aldabra tortoise care.  Remember, once a small baby tortoise, some of these giant tortoises for sale can get huge!

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