Indian Star Tortoise for sale

Most notably, the Indian Star Tortoise for sale, including the Indian Star tortoise baby is one of the smallest and most beautiful tortoise species on earth.  Most of all, the Indian Star is often the crown jewel of a tortoise keepers collection. Because of this and their small size, Indian Stars are somewhat tough to locate.  Consequently, when searching for an Indian Star Tortoise baby for sale, they are not always available from Indian Star tortoise breeders.

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Above all, here at Tortoise Town, captive bred Indian Star tortoises for sale are raised in perfect environments in regards to humidity and UVB.  Because of this, our Indian Star baby tortoises are smooth-shelled babies.  Secondly, from selective breeding, our Indian Star babies have gorgeous bright yellow bands contrasting against a solid back shell.

Indian Star tortoises for sale  Before purchasing a new baby Indian star tortoise for sale, or an adult Indian star tortoise for sale, it is imperative that you locate a reputable Indian star tortoise breeder that only sells captive bred baby Indian star tortoises for sale.

Indian Star Baby for sale

 Because of low egg counts, Indian star tortoise hatchlings for sale are available from time to time from captive-bred tortoise breeders. Due to the Indian Star tortoise baby requirements, is imperative that they are raised at 65-75% humidity.  Because of this,  closed top and high humidity Indian Star habitats are recommended during their first months of life.  Because of these requirements, buying from a breeder like Tortoise Town who understands proper Indian Star tortoise care is important.

 In addition to being a tiny tortoise, the  Indian star is one of the most beautifully decorated tortoises.  Also, due to its rarity, the Indian Star tortoise baby is relatively uncommon as a pet. Also, keep in mind these tortoises are from the “dry-zones” of India and Sri Lanka, and this is the environment that we try to replicate when keeping them.  Lastly, they do require different care than the more common Mediterranean tortoises.

Indian Star Tortoise hatchlings for sale

Considered a small tortoise, Indian Star Tortoise hatchlings for sale have a shell just a just over an inch long. As adults, females can grow to 10 inches long.  Males, in comparison, are usually under 7.5 inches long. Most of the growth happens in the first 10 years. Indian Star tortoise for sale can live anywhere from 50-90 years, but the current record is 55 years in their natural habitat. Remember these are Indian Star tortoises, NOT Indian Star turtles for sale. Since they’re tortoises, not turtles, they do not live in water.

Indian Star tortoise for sale – Colors & Markings

As youngsters, they have beautiful yellow butterfly-shaped markings on a rich, black background. As the baby Indian Star tortoise for sale grows, the yellow markings extend into narrow star rays.  Eventually these “rays” point in all directions from the center of each scute. Some consider baby Indian Star tortoises a little shyer than the common Mediterranean tortoises.  At the same time, for this reason, Indians do not demand so much attention. Indian star tortoises for sale are terrestrial, living on the ground.

Indian Star tortoise for sale – Habitat Size

They can be quite sedentary, with significantly slower walking speed, and can live comfortably in smaller spaces than equally sized Mediterranean tortoises, with lower requirements for attention and exercise. They are still, however, quite charming, and are intelligent enough to bond with their owners.

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Indian Star tortoise for sale Indian Star tortoise

Star tortoise for sale Indian Star tortoise for sale

Indian Star Tortoise for sale

indian star tortoise