Ornate box turtle for sale

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Ornate Box Turtles for sale  (Terrapene ornata ornate)

At tortoise town, 100% of our turtles for sale are captive bred, so rest assured that if you choose an ornate box turtle for sale from tortoise town, you will always receive a captive bred animal.   Ornate box turtles for sale have one of the widest geographical ranges of all the box turtle species known – covering almost the entire mid west of the United States.  The Ornate box turtle is easily identified by a very dark brownish black shell with bright yellow to orange stripes radiating extending over the top of the shell from the plastron region.  The skin is decorated bright yellow, as well as orange and red markings found on they’re head, legs and arms. Like all other species of American box turtles for sale, the ornate box turtles they have a hinged plastron able to close up, hence the term “box turtle”. Male ornate box turtles usually have a slightly concave plastron and possess red irises, and female ornate box turtles have a flat plastron with brown or yellow irises. Male ornate box turtles will have a longer tail that will also appear to be thicker.

Ornate Box Turtle Lifespan

Box turtles, in general, have been recorded to live as long as 100 years, with most living between 40 and 60 years. The records for ornate box turtle longevity indicate animals living as long as 32 to 37 years. However, the longevity for box turtles is largely dependent on their diet, habitat, the cleanliness of their enclosure and stress. Optimizing the conditions for your ornate box turtle will lead to a long and healthy life.

 Ornate Box Turtle for sale – Ornate box turtle size

Adult ornate box turtles are typically between 5 to 7 inches in length, with most ornate box turtles topping out around 6 inches.

Ornate Box Turtle for sale Availability

. Ornate box turtles come from a variety of sources, including wild caught, farm raised, and some captive bred.  You should NEVER obtain a wild-caught or farm-raised ornate box turtle, only purchase captive bred ornate box turtles for sale whether they are adult ornate box turtles for sale, or baby ornate box turtle for sale.  In addition to not being legal to own in most states, a Wild-caught ornate box turtles for sale typically harbor internal parasites and should be treated by your veterinarian.

 Ornate Box Turtle Temperature and Lighting

Ornate box turtles for sale of all ages should have access to UVB lighting, whether it be outside, or indoor which mostly will be coming from sources like fluorescent lighting, in addition to a spot lamp to provide a hotspot. If kept outside in a turtle pen, the access to regular natural sunlight negates the requirement for either of the above lighting elements. For indoor ornae box turtle habitats, both hotter and cooler spectrums must be provided with the ambient temperature being 82 degrees. A 100watt spot lamp should be used to provide a basking site between 90 and 95 degrees, and the cool end should be kept between 72 and 78 degrees. Please do not ever utilize a heat rock for heating your box turtle habitat or box turtle terrarium.   Wehn a heat rock is used to provide the heat for an ornate box turtle for sale, it will almost always lead to potentially life-threatening burns and could kill your new baby ornate box turtle for sale!

 Ornate Box Turtle for sale – Ornate box turtle Food

Like all American box turtles, the ornate box turtle is an omnivore and will eat a wide variety of things. In the wild ornate box turtles actively hunt and consume grasshoppers, crickets, beetles and earthworms. Ornate box turtles also love berries and other vegetation, even mushrooms, etc.  We feed a variety of tortoise chow, strawberries, blueberries, melon, earthworms, dubia roaches and more.   In captivity it is important to provide a varied assortment of foods, as the diversity of the ornate box turtle diet can lead to them being picky eaters and include calcium with vitamin d3.

It is important to your ornate box turtle’s health to provide a rich calcium source for your turtles as well as a source rich in beta-carotene or vitamin A. Therefore, we recommend dusting all insects fed to your box turtle with a combination of vionate powder and calcium with d3, or a comparable vitamin and mineral supplement prior to being fed to the ornats.

A captive bred ornate box turtle for sale will always be easier to handle than wild caught ornate box turtles for sale.  Bx turtles that are wild caught can be easily stressed and therefore that is another reason to only buy captive bred box turtles for sale from responsible ornate box turtle breeders..  Be very careful with ornate box turtles if you do not know theyre personlality, as they are slightly more aggressive than other box turtle species and will not hesitate to bite in defense of a perceived attacker where as some other box turtles will simply close their shell and restreat to the refuge of their own little “box”.

Ornate box turtles are very active, alert, and full of personality that other turtle species can sometimes lack. If set down on the ground, ornate box turtles will almost immediately explore their surroundings with a speed and boldness that captures the hearts of their keepers. This is not your “sit-and-watch-the-world-go-by” turtle. The ornate box turtle embodies every bit of the spirit and character that is associated with the Midwestern United States.

Ornate Box Turtle Habitat 

Hatchling ornate box turtle babies can be kept in plastic shoebox-sized enclosures with a large, extremely shallow water dish (so they cannot drown) as well as a shallow food bowl or dish.  Adult ornate box turtles may be kept in small groups in 30- or 40-gallon breeder tanks or commercially available turtle/tortoise tubs, or they may be kept outdoors in turtle pens at least 4 foot by 4 foot in size with 12- to 18-inch vertical barriers. It is vital that water dishes be kept very clean and changed regularly to avoid bacterial infections.

Ornate box turtles should be kept on a n organic soil type substrate deep enough to burrow in, generally no less than 4 inches deep, or at least 12 inches deep in outdoor box turtle habitats or outdoor box turtle pens for sale.  This can be covered lightly with twice-milled cypress mulch for aesthetics. For ornate box turtles kept indoors, it is usually wise to provide a mound of moistened sphagnum moss to burrow in on the cool side of the enclosure. Hatchling ornate box turtles should be kept in slightly more humid conditions than adults. An average humidity level of between 40 to 50 percent is the nominal humidity level I’ve kept adult ornate box turtles at. To prevent dehydration in hatchlings, I often keep them between 60 to 70 percent humidity.

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