Greek Tortoise Habitat

So you’ve decided that a Greek tortoise for sale, is the right choice for you!  Now, only to setup the habitat and learn proper greek tortoise care! If you are looking to also get supplies of a setup, we HIGHLY recommend our complete deluxe tortoise habitat kit.

Housing Greek tortoises outdoors in a naturalistic pen is always best however quite a high percentage of people keep them indoors. During the warmer part of the year, they can be kept in spacious enclosures that are well planted with edible vegetation and receive plenty of time in natural, full sun.

Indoor Greek tortoise table

Indoors, the construction of a “tortoise table or tortoise house” will suit the needs of Greek tortoises well. A 3-by-6-foot unit made of plywood will suffice for a single adult and up to a pair of adults. Using real, untreated wood is always recommended over plastic or glass .  We do this so that the tortoises cannot see through the habitats’ walls. This will also enable them to learn their boundaries and eventually they will not care to escape.

Larger tortoise houses are better

If you have any extra space, always make the tortoise habitat or enclosure as big as possible. This allows for a more natural behavior cycle and reduces stress, especially from territorial or aggressive specimens. Housing males together may pose a problem with them fighting relentlessly, especially when females are present. lastly, consider it important to give the tortoises as much space as possible because they could be spending months on end indoors.  Do this until the weather outside is once again appropriate for keeping the tortoises outdoors.

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