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Russian Tortoise for sale

As a matter of fact, the Horsfield tortoise also is known as the Russian tortoise for sale is one of the smallest species of tortoises in the world.  In comparison to other species of testudo tortoise, Russian tortoises for sale are small.  Because of they’re compact size, Russian tortoises for sale are sold as pets across the united states.  Additionally, fully mature Russian tortoises for sale only reach sizes of 5-6″ and females typically are 7-8.

Most importantly, by nature, even baby Russian tortoise for sale are known for being are outgoing, not shy.  Also, Russian tortoises for sale are reasonably easy to keep once well started and can make fantastic pet tortoises for young and old alike.  Above all, at Tortoise Town, we have some absolutely stunning CAPTIVE BRED baby russian tortoise for sale.

Russian Tortoise for sale 

Because Russian tortoises for sale are a popular pet tortoise, Russian tortoises are one of the most readily available tortoise species. Because they are a small tortoise, baby Russian tortoises are easy for most people with limited space to keep. Secondly,  Russian tortoises for sale are also feisty, eager to eat and more active than some other tortoises. In contrast to other testudo tortoise species, outdoor Russian tortoises for sale should be allowed to burrow.

Because of Russians ability to burrow in the winter, these small tortoises for sale also have one of the highest tolerances for temperature extremes. Lastly, Russian tortoises are one of the few species that can be kept outdoors in most of the US year round. These factors make Russian tortoises attractive for new tortoise keepers and a fun tortoise for seasoned veterans.

Russian Tortoise for sale – Russian Tortoise Availability

Most Russian tortoises for sale at pet stores, are adults, and are imported into the United States. For this reason, finding a captive bred Russian tortoise for sale is key.  Expect them to be more expensive, as Russians only lay 1-3 eggs per clutch on average, so babies run anywhere from 225-400.00 each.  Sure, you can certainly obtain a 46-year-old, wild-caught adult at the pet store, but is that what you are wanting in a new pet tortoise for sale?

Consequently, when compared to the number of imported tortoises, captive production of this species is relatively low. Because of this,  always assume that most adult or subadult Russian tortoises for sale are wild-caught (imported). Captive-bred babies are rarely raised to adult size and sold at the low prices that these imported Russian tortoises sell for.

Feeding your new Russian Tortoise

Things to remember when feeding your Russian tortoise:

  • Fresh, clean, chlorine-free water should be available at all times.  Daily soaks for 20 minutes in lukewarm shallow water are recommended for all baby tortoises and tortoise under 18 months of age.  Some tortoises have a tendency to go to the bathroom in their water bowl, so expect to clean and disinfect this daily, if you soak them separately each morning, this reduces the frequency of them dirtying their own water dishes.
  • Feed tortoises daily; finely chop vegetables.
  • Sprinkle food with calcium supplement once or twice a week once tortoise is 6 months of age.
  • Discard food not eaten within 24 hours.

Housing your pet Russian tortoise

  • Size – Indoor enclosure should be at least 36”x18”; outdoor enclosure should be at least 48”x48” with a secure screened cover to allow sunshine but provide protection; the walls should be high enough that the tortoise can’t escape and buried at least 12” into the ground, as Russian tortoises will dig but not too much.  Our indoor enclosures are just about 4’x8′ per group of 5 adults.
  • Habitat – Keep habitat arid and dry, with shaded areas to escape direct sunlight. Humid climates may need a dehumidifier, and cool climates require supplemental heating. Provide a hiding area, such as a cave or hide box filled with additional substrate. Maintain less than 60% humidity.
  • Russian tortoise for sale – Substrate – Tortoises are known for eating substrate, so use something that is digestible such as alfalfa pellets; substrate should be deep enough for the tortoise to burrow. Don’t use coarse substrates such as sand or gravel that can scratch the shell.
  • Temperature – Temperature gradient (85°F for the warm end and 75°F for the cool end); recommend using an incandescent light or ceramic heater as a primary heat source.
  • Russian tortoise for sale – Lighting – Providing UVB lighting for 12 to 14 hours a day is required.
  • Water – Provide constant access to a shallow container large enough for the tortoise to soak in and drink from; the tortoise should be able to easily enter and exit the water bowl.
  • Russian tortoises can be kept together and enjoy other tortoises company.
  • https://youtu.be/QFb3Lscu2xQ

Normal Russian Tortoise Behavior

  • Active, friendly and outgoing.
  • Will become tame with gentle handling and time; move slowly around tortoises to avoid startling them.
  • Adept at digging to escape; hide in objects and burrow into the substrate.

Russian Tortoise Habitat Maintenance

Thoroughly clean and disinfect the habitat at least once a week: place tortoise in a secure habitat; scrub the tank and furnishings with a 3% bleach solution; rinse thoroughly with water, removing all traces of bleach smell; dry the tank and furnishings completely and add clean substrate.

Grooming & Hygiene your Russian tortoise for sale

Because hatchlings need more humidity and moisture, soak them daily.  In contrast, adults can do well with twice a week water soaks.  Most importantly, ensure the water level is not deeper than the mid-point between the bottom of the tortoise’s shell and its top.

Russian tortoise for sale Health

Signs of a Healthy Pet Russian Tortoises for sale

  • Active and alert
  • Eats regularly
  • Healthy shell
  • Clear, bright eyes
  • Healthy skin
  • Clear nose and vent

We also have some slightly larger “well started” 6 month old baby russian tortoises for sale (highly recommended over russian tortoise hatchlings) that are a bit more active and “stronger” while still very small and cute.  When choosing a Russian tortoise for sale, or a russian tortoise breeder, from a quality tortoise farm, be sure to only purchase captive bred babies, well-started babies, yearlings or adults.  Russian tortoises for sale are also sometimes call the horsefield tortoise, horsefield tortoises for sale, or even the Russian turtle for sale.

We’ve got even more than just Russian tortoises for sale!

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We offer a huge Russian tortoise care section of our website, all prepared by our staff Biologist.  Take the time to learn proper Russian tortoise care needs including:

Russian tortoise care

Russian tortoises are fairly easy to care for, however, do your homework before you buy a Russian tortoise!  Having the proper habitat, substrate, lighting, heating, and hides is the key to success.

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