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The Russian Tortoise (Testudo horsfieldii)

The horsfield tortoise also known as the Russian tortoise is one of the smallest species of tortoises in the world.  Males reach sizes of 5-6″ and females typically are 7-8″ at full maturity.  They are outgoing, not shy, reasonably easy to keep once well started and can make fantastic pet tortoises for young and old alike.  We have some absolutely stunning CAPTIVE BRED baby russian tortoise for sale.  We also have some slightly larger “well started” 6 month old baby russian tortoises for sale (highly recommended over russian tortoise hatchlings) that are a bit more active and “stronger” while still very small and cute.  When choosing a russian tortoise for sale, or a russian tortoise breeder, from a quality tortoise farm, be sure to only purchase captive bred babies, well started babys, yearlings or adults.  The russian tortoise is also sometimes call the horsefield tortoise, horsefield tortoises for sale, or even the russian turtle for sale.  Shop our selection of Russian tortoises for sale and be sure to also check out our complete selection of tortoise supplies, tortoise uv light, tortoise food and other accessories.

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