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    tortoise for sale

All of our tortoises for sale come with our full health guarantee!

Above all, our goal is to provide top-notch care and nutrition as well as to answer any questions our customers may have. Tortoise Town gladly provides support and will happily answer questions regarding care.  Care guidance is provided for any of our 24+ species of captive-bred tortoise hatchlings for sale.

Watch this super cute, super quick time-lapse video of one of our baby Russian tortoise for sale hatching here at TortoiseTown!

 Shopping to buy baby tortoise online can be difficult as can searching or for an online tortoise breeder. Something that is absolutely imperative is that you choose a responsible and experienced tortoise breeder.  Experienced tortoise breeders with the right ethics selling captive bred tortoises. (not wild caught baby tortoise for sale online).

Captive bred tortoises only – 100% guaranteed!

Whether hatching or adult, all of our tortoises are captive bred.  Your new tortoise(s) will arrive via UPS or FedEx overnight shipped in heated, insulated shipping containers.

While this includes also adult tortoises as well as tortoise hatchlings for sale.  Finally searching where to buy a tortoise?  For that reason try to find which species or tortoise breeds are right for you.  Shop by tortoise size here.

Searching for the perfect tortoise to add to your family?

Some of our most popular captive bred tortoises include: Sulcata tortoise for sale, captive bred Russian tortoisered foot tortoise, Hermann’s tortoise, leopard tortoises.  Also, we offer Indian star tortoises and many other tortoise breeds or tortoise species. 

Similarly, if you’re looking for an extremely large tortoise, choose the Sulcata (African spur-thighed tortoise.  Alternatively, if you are considering a medium to a large tortoise that does not get “huge”, consider the Giant South African Leopard tortoise.  

Tortoise Breeds for sale

Smaller would be the more common Pardalis Babcocki leopard tortoise.  When looking for a medium tortoise, we would recommend considering the Red Foot Tortoise. Secondly, the brighter colored cousins of the red-footed tortoise. The Cherry Head Red Foot Tortoise, or Yellow Footed Tortoises.

Searching for a very small pet tortoise or a tiny tortoise for sale?  Consider the beautiful captive bred baby Russian tortoise.  For the reason, other Testudo family torts that stay medium to very small to consider are Hermann’s tortoise

Above all, we’ve got the largest selection of 100% captive bred, hand raised tortoise babies for sale anywhere.   Juvenile and adult tortoises are also available, so if you’re looking to buy a tortoise online, we’ve got you covered.

tortoises for sale

Tortoises can make excellent additions to your reptile family!

Just a few quick reasons why we believe a captive bred tortoise can make a great pal, for the rest of your LIFE!

  1.  Tortoises are long-lived.  The oldest Tortoise on record was a Giant Aldabra Tortoise, who resided in the Seychelles Islands.  He lived to over 255 years of age!  Most tortoises live 50-90 years, and typically the larger species like the Sulcata Tortoise, Leopard tortoise and others can live well over 125 years!
  2. Torts and turtles are easy to care for.  Of Course, your setup MUST be correct, but once it is set, your tortoise should and you should enjoy plenty of quality time.  Tortoises are actually “willed” to younger generations if/when their owners reason they’re twilight years!
  3. They are just so darn cute.  How can you not love one of these “living, breathing, baby dinosaurs!”?

Tortoises can make great additions to your reptile family!

      Interested in where to buy a baby Captive bred tortoise for sale online?  Be happy you landed here at Tortoise Town!  Here at Tortoise Town we ONLY work with 100% captive bred tortoises for sale. Proudly offering the largest variety of captive-bred tortoise for sale anywhere in the United States.

tortoise for sale

Tortoises for sale online

Likewise, Greek tortoises are also available as small to medium options.  Consequently, we believe that the Hermann’s tortoises are a friendlier species than the Greek.  For reasons that include personality and size, and years of experience, we’d recommend a Hermann’s over a Greek.  Also considering purchasing any Greek or Hermann’s tortoise or even aquatic turtles for sale, please make sure they are captive bred!

100% of our tortoise for sale and turtles for sale ship via FedEx or UPS overnight and arrive the following morning around 10 AM.  With a Biologist ON SITE, we are able to ship year-round in all conditions.  Using heated or cooled insulated shipping containers, we provide a full live arrival and 7-day health guarantee.  The health guarantee applies to ALL reptiles for sale purchased from tortoise town!

Free Tortoise Care information

Searching for tortoise care tips? Check out our tortoise care sheets and please visit our tortoise care section! Tortoise Town’s care section offer s wealth of great free information regarding the proper care of your new tortoise or turtle for sale.

Aquatic turtles for sale

On the hunt for some water turtles? Another option when looking for aquatic turtles for sale is to consider our slider turtles for sale.  Secondly, we offer a full selection of mud turtles, map turtles, river cooters or pink bellied side-necked turtles for sale.  Our sister website offers a wide selection of other reptiles for sale.  Some reptiles for sale online include geckos for sale. Cb Reptile also offers a wide selection of captive bred panther chameleon, veiled chameleon.  Also CB offers various species of turtles for sale and much more.

Because shopping for a new reptile for sale can be fun, but challenging.  Ask yourself “what level of care can I provide for this new turtle or tortoise?”  Also, do I live in an environment that will be suitable for a large outdoor tortoise?  Lastly, shall I consider a tiny tortoise, something small that can live it’s life indoors?  Is it better to have a small indoor species living comfortably in a tortoise habitat?

Considering a larger pet tortoise for sale? 

In comparison, Giant Leopard tortoises could be the choice for you!  Even though Giant leopards are large, they’re very docile, and not destructive.  Also, consider that a leopard tortoise does not dig.  Leopard tortoises are very outgoing and become quite “dog-like” in personality.  It’s not uncommon for a leopard tortoiseto learn to eat from the owner’s hands.  Another great large species, the Sulcata tortoise also can grow very large, over 100 lbs.  Sulcata tortoises also can live well over 100 years when properly cared for.

Tiny Tortoises for sale

Popular small species of tortoise include: Russian Tortoise, Hermann Tortoise, Egyptian Tortoise, Indian Star Tortoise, Greek Tortoises to name a few.  Because of this, smaller tortoises, typically are more expensive based on how rare they are. Secondly, smaller tortoises for sale have smaller clutch sizes .(how many eggs are laid per clutch) Lastly, the frequency of their clutches is often less than giant tortoises for sale. (how many times a year do they lay eggs).

Therefore, if you are looking for a smaller tortoise, consider it will be more expensive however with a new family member that lives up to or over 100 years, the price is well justified.

Thinking of adding a baby tortoise to your reptile family?

Advancements in captive breeding have allowed tortoises to quickly become some of the most popular reptiles to keep in the USA.  Once the habitat setup is completed properly, caring for a new baby tortoise for sale should not be difficult. Most importantly, the key is setting up the habitat properly.

Purchase a captive bred baby tortoise for sale

Purchasing your new baby tortoise from captive tortoise breeders offers a chance to experience animals and links to our past. Most tortoises are nearly extinct in nature, yet have been revived thru the exhaustive efforts of captive tortoise breeders across the globe.

Captive care requirement research along with trial and error has made it much easier to care for a new baby tortoise than years ago.  The biggest “new thought” on caring is paying attention to not only the temperature, and the UV lighting, but also the average humidity plays a key role in proper baby tortoise care.

Research proper tortoise care

Proper research is key to caring for your new shelled friend.  Investing some intellectual education time should not be ignored to learn proper care. and can be extremely rewarding. Imagine that with proper care, your tortoise lives to be 50-150 years old!

Keep in mind that raising baby tortoises to adulthood does offer certain challenges and therefore we highly recommend purchasing a well-started baby tortoise over tortoise hatchlings for sale.

In general, the care and general requirements for keeping baby tortoise are quite similar to those of adult animals but the parameters need me more “exact” or “on point”.  We highly recommend visiting our tortoise care section and researching the species you are going to buy ahead of time, so that you are ready to provide the best tortoise care possible the morning your new tortoise arrives at your door.

Which tortoise breed is right for you?

So many tortoise species and tortoise breeds to choose from, which tortoise is right for you?  Alto common a question and probably the most important.  Do you want something large and can you give it the proper space indoors or outdoors?  Consider your location, the highs and the lows of winter and summer.  This will help decide what type of species fits where you plan on building their habitat (indoors or outdoors).

For example, if you live in a colder climate than you most likely want a small to medium sized tortoise.  This can allow you to explore quite a few species.  Do you want to go on the larger size of medium and look at leopard tortoises? Purchasing a small tortoise that stays small is an option.

Indoor vs Outdoor Tortoises

Therefore consider tortoises that you can keep it indoors should you decide for its entire life.  Even so, building a large enclosure for a small tortoise is reasonably easy and does not take up much space.    Popular small tortoise species include the Eastern Hermann’s tortoise, the Western Hermann’s Tortoise, the Indian Star Tortoise.  Other species include as the Russian Tortoise and the Egyptian Tortoise and marginated tortoise.

tortoise for sale

baby tortoise for sale

Small Tortoise for sale

Looking for a small tortoise to add to your new reptile family?

Small tortoises for sale are the second largest sized group of tortoises and include the Testudo Tortoise family (Russian Tortoise, Greek Tortoise, Hermann’s Tortoise, Egyptian Tortoise, Pancake Tortoises and more.)

Tiny tortoises for sale or small tortoises for sale are probably the most common as they can be housed indoors with ease and therefore are not relegated to areas of the world that mimic their natural environment.  Be sure to buy a tortoise house or tortoise habitat, that is correct for the species you choose, small tortoises can be kept indoors as pets that can live up to or even over 100 years.

  Small tortoise species also are more expensive than larger tortoises, due to sheer egg counts.  Most small species of tortoise have anywhere from 1-3 fertile eggs, and some have only one clutch per year.  Depending on the species, some clutches like the pancake tortoise for sale can take up to 10 months to hatch a single baby!  For this reason, you can always expect smaller tortoises to be less available and also have higher prices.

Hermann’s tortoise for sale

Some of our favorite species of small tortoises including the Eastern Hermann’s Tortoise as well as the Western Hermann’s tortoise.  Western is clearly the more vividly colorful and smaller of the 2 sub-species, growing to only 5.5″ in max length.  Additional small  species of tortoise or “tiny tortoises for sale” include the captive bred Russian tortoise, the captive-bred Russian tortoise is a popular small tortoise.  The baby Russian tortoise for sale are always captive bred, so be careful when you see them very cheaply priced at pet stores.

While not as colorful as their Hermann’s tortoise cousins, Russians are still great little tortoises.

Indian Star tortoises are a great small tortoise species!

Indian Star Tortoise should also be considered as the smallest and most popular of all star tortoises for sale.  Indian Star tortoises are  more expensive than most species of tortoise due to their rarity and small clutch size (averaging just 1-4 eggs per clutch).

Indian Star tortoise is often available here at tortoise town, as we have a beautiful group of captive-bred Indian Star tortoise breeders that produce fantastic offspring for us twice a year.

Tortoise for sale (medium sized)

Considering a medium sized tortoise to add to your reptile family? Tortoise Town offers the widest selection of medium-sized tortoise for sale in the world.  Similarly, many species of tortoises for sale fall into the medium-sized category.  At tortoise town, we have many species that we list in both small to medium.  Almost all small and medium tortoise species or tortoise breeders can overlap based on specific animals sizes.  Some Russians for example reach 10″ but most are 6-7″.  Also, on certain species, the sex of the tortoise often plays a big role in size once mature.

Leopard Tortoise – The Leopard tortoise (pardalis babcocki) is the more common and smaller of the 2 leopard tortoise subspecies.  These medium-sized tortoises are reasonably easy to care for, docile, friendly, a tad why when small and often can be trained to eat from their tortoise keepers hands quickly after arriving at their new home.

Baby leopard tortoises appreciate humidity!

Humidity is a big variable that needs to be monitored with small leopard tortoises for sale.  Because as they can dry out quickly when kept indoors during their first few years of life if humidity is not kept above 55%.  Keeping leopard tortoises once they are past the baby leopard tortoise stage gets much easier.

Looking for a colorful, medium-sized tortoise?

Red Footed Tortoises, as well as Yellow Foot Tortoise and the Cherry Head Tortoise (a red-headed red-footed tortoise usually from Brazil area), are some of if not the most colorful tortoises found in the world.  They are easy to care for, are very friendly and outgoing by nature, and are a pleasure to breed and raise here at Tortoise Town.

Red Foot Tortoises do well in pairs

Customers will commonly purchase 2-4 female red-footed tortoises for sale as a group.  It is not uncommon to mix and match a yellow foot, a red-footed tortoise and a cherry head tortoise.  Red-footed tortoises and their subspecies all require a bit more protein and humidity than most species of tortoise.

Secondly, the yellow foot tortoise for sale is the largest of this group, and the cherry head tortoise is the smallest.  We always recommend a well-started baby red-footed tortoise over the red foot tortoise hatchlings for sale. Hence the humidity required for fresh hatchlings is near 85%.  Keep in mind that it can drop down to 70 once they’re about 6 months old.  Keeping these guys in a closed, low air movement, high humidity setup is best.

Star tortoise for sale

Burmese Star Tortoise – Burms or Burmese Stars are thought of as the “crown jewels” of the tortoise collection world when it comes to Star tortoises for saleBurmese star tortoises, as well as the Sri Lankan star tortoise, are going to be significantly larger than their Indian Star Tortoise cousins.

Indian Star Tortoises are the smallest star tortoise

Therefore, Indian Star Tortoise would be considered a small tortoise for sale whereas both the Sri Lankan Star tortoise as well as the Burmese Star are medium sized.  As a matter of fact, a rule of thumb with star tortoises, males are normally always smaller than the females.  Searching for a small star tortoise?  Choosing a male will most likely get you the smaller of the species when choosing a male or female pet tortoise to buy.

tortoise for sale

tortoise for sale online

Large Tortoise for sale

If you are considering a large tortoise for sale, there are quite a few to choose from!

First consider where you will house the tortoise as it grows to full size, which can sometimes take up to 15-20 years!  After all, a cute little 2″ tortoise hatchling for sale can quickly become your own backyard dinosaur! Most importantly,  be sure you have a backyard or adequate space for that dino to roam!  Basically, if this sounds “too big” then check out our medium or small tortoise sections.

Sulcata tortoise – The African Sulcata tortoise, also known as the African Spurred tortoise is one of the most popular pet tortoise for sale in the USA.  Also, Sulcata tortoises are often easily available year-round thru captive tortoise breeders across the USA.  Similarly, Sulcata tortoises are reasonably priced excluding the rare color morphs.  Also, some even rarer Sulcata tortoise morphs including the Albino Sulcata Tortoise and the Ivory Sulcata tortoise.

Suclata tortoises for sale can reach lengths of over 24″ and weight over 200 lbs.  In contrast,  most will be around 18-21″ and under 100 pounds.  Sudanese Sulcata tortoises are known for being on the larger side of the scale and is always close to 200 lbs.

Giant leopard tortoises for sale

Giant Leopard Tortoise –  2 major subspecies of the leopard tortoise for sale are available.  Best known and a bit more common, east African leopard tortoise for sale, which also happens to be much smaller.  Pardalis Pardalis or Giant Leopard leopard tortoises usually reach lengths of 16-24″.  In a size comparison, they are and are very similar to the  African Sulcata.

Therefore, unlike the Sulcata, are not known for digging, so tortoise proofing your enclosure is much easier.  Pardalis Babcocki Leopard Tortoise is one of the most popular large tortoise for sale.  Because of it’s larger South African leopard tortoise cousin being more rare, and more expensive due to the rarity.

The Giant South African Leopard tortoise (Pardalis Pardalis) is typically a more outgoing personality to it’s smaller cousin.  Cost is around 2.5 times the price as the Babcocki and are only available in short periods throughout the year.  We prefer these over the smaller cousin as we do agree their personality is as great as can be.

Giant leopard tortoises are gentle, docile yet friendly 

Giant leopard tortoises are outgoing, friendly and docile and gentle creatures.  Shell patterns are amazing.  Therefore the main distinguishing difference in appearance besides size is the Giant Leopard tortoise for sale is the shell.  Moreso, the vertebral scutes stand out as they will have two dots, also referred to as “double dots in the vert. scutes”.  Giant leopard tortoises are much rarer of a species to find on the pet tortoise for sale marketplace because of their small numbers.

Sulcata tortoise for sale

Giant Leopard Tortoise for sale

Giant Tortoise for sale

If you are looking for a giant tortoise for sale then consider the Giant Aldabra Tortoise or the Galapagos Tortoise.

Giant Aldabra Tortoise is only found naturally on the Seychelles Islands.  Giant Aldabra tortoises also are known as Aldabra Gigantica are also some of the longest-lived tortoises for sale in the world. Interestingly, the oldest recorded on record as being over 256 years old!  In Contrast,  the Galapagos tortoise for sale resembles the giant Aldabra but gets even larger.

Similarly, in size and structure, the main difference being the Giant Aldabra has a narrower snout.  Most importantly, we have some beautiful Aldabra tortoises for sale here at tortoise town.

Aldabra tortoises are amazing living dinosaurs!

Considering any Aldabra tortoise for sale or any Giant tortoise, we strongly recommend considering the Aldabra tortoise.  The Aldabra tortoise is absolutely wonderful besides the expensive price!  Aldabra tortoise price can range from $2500 all the way up past $50,000.00 depending on age.

Almost all perfect scute Aldabra tortoises like the ones offered for sale here at Tortoise Town typically sell on the pet market for double to triple what we charge here.  Tortoise Town is not only one of the largest tortoise breeders in the country.  Above all, we also have the best customer service and baby tortoise prices anywhere in the USA.

Tortoise town has some of the nicest Giant Aldabra tortoises in the USA!

Due to the fact that giant tortoises require so much space, Aldabra tortoise breeders are few and far between.  Giant Tortoises require so area to grave and live as well as and eat their weight in food nearly every month.  Aldabras go through quite a bit of greens & tortoise chow!  Although Giant Aldabra tortoises for sale are some of the most Dinosaur-like creatures left on our planet and are a true “living fossil”.

Feeding a baby Aldabra tortoise by hand is quite common!  Be sure not look away, you do not want them to accidentally bite a finger while chomping down on some cactus pad!  Even so, when considering buying a pet tortoise for sale online, be sure you find the right tortoise farm!

Aldabra tortoise for sale

tortoises for sale online

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