Tortoise for sale

We have a spectacular selection of captive bred baby tortoises for sale.  If you are looking to buy captive bred, hand raised adult, juvenile or baby tortoise for sale you have come to the right place!  As tortoise breeders, we are proud to have the largest selection of healthy, active and ready to ship captive bred baby tortoises for sale online, well started baby tortoises on sale, and yearling tortoises for sale with a real biologist on site 7 days a week to provide top notch care and nutrition as well as to answer any questions our customers may have about any of our 24+ species of captive bred tortoise hatchlings for sale.

When shopping to buy baby tortoise online, or for an online tortoise breeder, it is imperative that you choose a responsible and experienced tortoise breeder selling captive bred tortoises (not wild caught baby tortoises for sale online). All of our adult and captive bred tortoises for sale come with a live arrival and full 7 day health guarantee and arrive via UPS or Fedex overnight shipped in heated, insulated shipping containers.   This includes adult tortoises as well as tortoise hatchlings for sale.  Not sure what species of tortoise is right for you?  Shop by tortoise size here.

Tortoises for sale

Some of our most popular captive bred tortoises include: sulcata tortoise for sale, captive bred russian tortoisered foot tortoise, hermann’s tortoise, leopard tortoises, and indian star tortoises.  If you are looking for an extremely large tortoise, choose the Sulcata (african spur thighed tortoise) or the Giant South African Leopard tortoise.  The next size down would be the more common Pardalis Babcocki leopard tortoise.  If you’re looking for a medium tortoise, we would recommend considering the Red Foot tortoise, Cherry Head Red Foot tortoise, or Yellow Footed tortoises.  Looking for a very small pet tortoise?  Consider our beautiful captive bred baby russian tortoises for sale as well as our eastern and western hermann’s tortoise.  tortoise for sale

We also offer greek tortoises as small to medium options, however Hermann’s tortoises by nature are much friendlier than greeks from our years of experience.  When considering purchasing any tortoise or turtles for sale, please make sure they are captive bred!  All of our tortoise and turtles for sale ship via Fedex overnight and arrive the following morning around 10AM.  With a Biologist ON SITE, we are able to ship year round in all conditions using heated or cooled insulated shipping containers and provide a full live arrival and 7 day health guarantee on ALL live animals purchased from tortoise town!  If you are in need of care tips, or tortoise care sheets please visit our tortoise care section which has a ton of great free information regarding the proper care of your new tortoise or turtle for sale.  If you are looking for a aquatic turtles for sale, consider our slider turtles for sale, mud turtles, map turtles, river cooters or pink bellied side necked turtles for sale.