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With over 25 years of reptile breeding and keeping experience, the team at Tortoise town also includes a real biologist.  Our promise to you is the highest quality turtles and tortoises for sale sold anywhere.  When considering where to buy a tortoise, remember that Tortoise Town considers our customers, customers for life.  Whether you need help with habitat setup or learning what to feed your new tortoise or turtle, we are here.  Our team of shelled enthusiasts enjoys working with such beautiful creatures every day.  Our team is happy to share our “shelled knowledge” with our customers who we appreciate a great deal!

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Captive bred baby tortoises for sale

Tortoise town is your source for the highest quality Captive bred tortoise for sale online! All of our captive-bred shelled babies juveniles and adults are shipped overnight via UPS for an early morning arrival.  Order today and receive your new shelled friend overnight the following morning. Or, choose the perfect date of arrival.  Most importantly, Tortoise Town guarantees you the highest quality turtles and tortoises available anywhere in the USA.

Tortoise town has over 25 species of captive bred baby tortoise hatchlings for sale!

    They say variety is the spice of life… Shop tortoise town for over 25 species of baby tortoise for sale shipped overnight.  Additionally, we guarantee top-notch care and customer service as well as the health of all of our animals. 

Healthy, Captive bred tortoise for sale, guaranteed!

Did you know that tortoise town has an actual biologist on staff, 7 days a week? Because we have a real biologist on staff, we provide our reptiles and our customers with the best possible care and advice for your new baby tortoise. 100% of all reptiles for sale from Tortoise Town will come with our full live arrival and a 7-day health guarantee! 

Captive bred baby tortoises for sale 100% guaranteed!

Here at Tortoise Town, we realize what special animals tortoises really are.  Once set up correctly, a tortoise can provide years of relaxing interaction with a beautiful creature.  Baby tortoises for sale are also very valuable to educational facilities where they can be cared for while teaching science and conservation. Whether it’s a baby tortoise hatchling for sale or an adult, 100% of our torts for sale are captive bred tortoises.  Your new baby tortoise will arrive via UPS or FedEx overnight shipped in heated, insulated shipping containers.   While this includes also adult tortoises as well as tortoise hatchlings for sale.  Need help deciding which species of tortoise or tortoise breeds are right for you?  Shop by tortoise size here.

The largest selection of captive bred turtles & tortoises is here at tortoise town!

Large to Giant tortoises are available from tortoise town to include: (Sulcata tortoise are available in Ivory as well as Albino), (leopard tortoise available in  Pardalis Pardalis as well as Pardalis Babcocki),  giant leopard tortoise, as well as the Burmese mountain tortoise.