The World’s Greatest baby Tortoise farm!

Tortoise town is proud to have one of the world’s largest tortoise breeder programs here at our tortoise farm! With over 25 species of captive bred baby tortoise for sale, juvenile and adult tortoises.  Also, tortoise town is a one stop turtle store, with over 30 species of box turtles for sale as well as water turtles for sale.  Before choosing your shelled family member, whether it be turtle, or tortoise please spend some time below reading about the wide variety of fantastic shelled jewels offered for sale here at the Tortoise Town Tortoise Farm!

Small tortoise for sale

So you want to purchase a tiny tortoise? But which tiny tortoise for sale is right for you?  There are many small species of tortoises available here at tortoise town.  Our most popular small tortoise breeds include the Hermann’s tortoise for sale, baby Russian tortoise, Indian Star tortoise and the beautiful, super rare Egyptian tortoise.  Egyptian tortoises are nearly extinct in the wild, however thru our captive breeding program, we have hatched over 50 baby Egyptian tortoises this year alone here at the tortoise farm.  Other small tortoise species include the Western Hermann’s tortoise, as well as the Golden Greek tortoise.

Medium Tortoises

A tad larger than the small tortoises, our Medium Sized tortoises are the largest group of baby tortoise for sale here at our Tortoise Farm. Most colorful of all would be the South American Tortoises, known as the baby Red Footed tortoise, Cherry Head tortoise and yellow foot tortoise for sale.  Tortoises found in South America are referred to as forest species of tortoise.  These guys basically need a higher humidity, require a lower intensity UVB lamp, and eat a wider variety of food, inclusive of fruit and higher protein content.  The Red Footed tortoise family averages 10-14″ in size thru full maturity.

Leopard tortoise for sale as also great medium sized torts. Also, consider Sri Lankan and Burmese Star tortoise for sale.  A bit on the pricey side, a Sri Lankan or Burmese Star tortoise is the crown Jewel of the tortoise kingdom.

Large Tortoises

The most popular large tortoise for sale is going to be the African Sulcata tortoise for sale.  Baby Sulcata tortoise average around 2″ and grow anywhere to 22-26″ and 150 lbs.  Sulcata tortoises for sale have a tortoise lifespan of 100-150 years when properly cared for.  Giant south African leopard tortoise are also a beautiful species of large tortoise.  The Giant leopard tortoise from South African grows to around 24″ and is very docile.  Unlike the African Spurred tortoise for sale also known as a Sulcata tortoise, leopards do not dig or burrow.  Sulcata tortoises do create quite a bit of burrows by digging and can even dig out if the fence is not 6″ below the soil line.

Giant Tortoises for sale

Aldabra tortoise for sale are the largest tortoise offered here at our tortoise farm.  Giant Aldabra tortoise for sale grow from 350-550 lbs. Aldabra Giant tortoises for sale are also the most expensive tortoise for sale online here at the tortoise farm.  Galapagos tortoise for sale are also some of the largest tortoises in the world.  Giant tortoises for sale require quite a bit more space, and more importantly, sturdy fencing or block work around their enclosures.