Geckos for sale

At Tortoise Town, along with our sister store, CB Reptile, we offer the largest selection of super high quality pet geckos for sale.  Some of the species we offer are listed below.  The most popular species of pet geckos for sale include the following, in order of popularity:

Pet Geckos for sale

Leopard gecko (Eublepharis macularius) lizard has been captive bred in the United States.  Hence leopard geckos for sale have been available now for over more than 30 years as pets.  Because of this, the leopard gecko is one of the most commonly kept pet geckos for sale today. Leopard gecko are an easy to keep, hardy species of pet gecko.  Interestingly, leopard geckos for sale come in a variety of colors, patterns, and sizes.  The leopard gecko is a fantastic species for the pet gecko lover. Imagine a lizard that can vocalize and wash an eye with its tongue with ease.  Because of this, some people think of the leopard gecko as a friendly little dinosaur.

Pet Leopard Gecko for sale – Size

Hatchlings measure 3 to 4 inches long. Adult females are typically 7 to 8 inches, and males are 8 to 10 inches. Some males of the giant and supergiant leopard gecko bloodlines reach nearly a foot.

Leopard Geckos for sale – Lighting and Temperature

The best way to heat your leopard gecko is by using an under-tank heating pad or tape. leopard gecko heat mat are available at any pet store or online. Also, only heating one end of the cage is recommended so there is a temperature gradient.

Leopard Geckos for sale – Life Span

Leopard geckos for sale are long-lived compared to some reptiles. On average you can expect your gecko to live six to 10 years, but many males live 10 to 20 years. At least one male is still breeding at 27½ years of age.

leopard gecko morphs

Leopard Gecko for sale – leopard gecko Availability

Most importantly, baby leopard gecko for sale can be found offered for sale in many places.  However, there are also many leopard gecko color morphs for sale, as well as a wide range of quality.  There are leopard gecko breeders who have top end leopard geckos for sale, producing the most vividly colored baby geckos.  There are also “gecko farms” mass producing baby leopard geckos for sale.  These “gecko farms” sell their geckos very cheap, and they lack color and proper genetic information.

Many leopard gecko breeders have websites where you can learn about, select and purchase healthy leopards, which range in price from $20 to $3,000. There is a huge collector market worldwide for the rarer variations of leopard geckos for sale.

leopard gecko morphs

Leopard Gecko Food & Feeding your leopard gecko for sale

Unfortunately, feeding live insects are a must for your gecko; they do not eat plants or veggies.  We recommend the following insects as your primary source of leopard gecko food. Insects to feed your new pet leopard gecko for sale include mealworms, crickets, and dubia roaches.  In addition, you can also treat your new pet leopard geckos for sale to super worms.

Leopard Gecko Habitat and Leopard gecko terrarium setup

We recommend using a 10- to 20-gallon aquarium houses one or two pet leopard geckos for sale from hatchling to adult size. Larger tanks tend to cause the geckos to stray away from their proper heat and hide box. Although visibility is reduced, using plastic storage boxes as housing is an option. Most people use fish tanks in the 10-20 gallon range, for 1 to 3 geckos.  If your plan is to keep more than one leopard gecko together, go with females.  Up to 4 females can live together in a 20 gallon leopard gecko habitat.

When choosing a leopard gecko habitat or leopard gecko cage, consider the size.  Any cage you choose should be at least 1 foot tall. Be sure to have a secure screen top on your gecko cage that will support a light fixture.  Also, be sure to provide good ventilation and keep out bothersome cats.  Most importantly, you will need a hide box filled with moist moss or vermiculite.

Because geckos shed, a hide is necessary so your leopard gecko for sale can shed its skin properly.  Using this secure setting also is needed for egg laying if you plan on breeding your new pet leopard gecko for sale. Lastly, add some live or artificial plants can be added for a nice decorative touch.

Leopard Gecko Substrate

Various substrates can be used. We recommend using paper towels, or reptile carpet over others as it is easiest to clean.  Paper towels, while not looking great, are the most cost-effective leopard gecko substrate.  Newspaper, pea gravel, artificial turf, flat stones or no floor covering are OK.  Youngor debilitated leopard gecko might consume sand or fine-particle products on the cage floor, and this could lead to impaction.  For this reason, sand should be avoided as a leopard gecko substrate.  Leopard geckos actually usually will make a “bathroom” in one section of their habitat. That area can be spot-cleaned from time to time so that you can avoid cleaning the entire habitat.

Crested Geckos for sale

Crested geckos for sale are originally from New Caledonia (a group of islands between Fiji and Australia). Because crested geckos are primarily tree dwellers, they make outstanding displays in naturalistic vivariums. Also noteworthy, because of their ease of care, Crested geckos for sale are ideal reptile pets for beginners.

Crested Gecko Size

Crested Gecko for sale is not a large animal, which is in part why they are so easy to handle.  Secondly, both male and female crested geckos can reach up to 4.5 inches excluding their tail region.  Also, if you include the tail, they can reach up to 8 inches long. Adult crested geckos for sale are sexually mature when 15 to 18 months of age, and at a weight of approximately 35 grams.

Crested Gecko for sale Gecko Availability

Once upon a time, a Crested Gecko for sale was once considered among the rarest lizards in captivity. Fortunately, today, baby crested geckos for sale are hatched in large quantities and have become standard in the pet industry.  Also, crested gecko morphs for sale have become one of the coolest parts of the hobby, producing some amazing crested gecko color morphs.

Crested Gecko Habitat and Crested Geckos Housing

Baby crested geckos are best housed in large plastic terrariums or in standard (20-inch) 10-gallon reptile tanks with a screen top. An adult crested gecko should be housed in a 20-gallon tank with screen top. Larger tanks will allow for better displays. In areas with moderate to high relative humidity, crested geckos will fare well in screen cages.

Crested Gecko habitats have the advantage of being light and easy to clean. You can keep one male and several female crested geckos together. Male crested geckos may fight, particularly when in the company of females, and should not be kept together.  Crested gecko breeders with experience will also tell you this.

Crested Gecko Life Span

Under proper care, plan for your crested gecko to live 15 to 20 years.

Gargoyle Geckos (Rhacodactylus auriculatus)

Gargoyle geckos are originally from New Caledonia (a group of islands between Fiji and Australia). Hence, gargoyle geckos are ideal reptile pets for beginners, with simple, easy- to-meet requirements. Because gargoyle geckos are primarily tree-dwelling, they make outstanding displays in naturalistic vivariums.

Gargoyle Gecko Availability

A long time ago, gargoyle geckos for sale were once considered among the rarest pet geckos for sale in captivity. Today, the pet gargoyle gecko for sale is bred in larger numbers and are becoming more popular as pet geckos.

Gargoyle gecko morphs for sale are also becoming more amazing and more colorful!  We work with various types of gargoyle gecko color morphs including super stripes, blotches, and many multi- gene color morphs.  If you are considering a pet gargoyle gecko for sale, we recommend visiting our sister site.  CB Reptile has the best selection of the most vividly colored gargoyle geckos for sale online as well as many other reptiles for sale.

geckos for sale online

Our sister site, has some fantastic geckos for sale! Check out the selection of captive bred geckos for sale, including crested geckos for sale, gargoyle geckos for sale, leopard geckos for sale as well as leachianus geckos for sale and other types of geckos for sale online.  Baby geckos for sale and pet geckos for sale are just some of the ages and types of gecko for sale over at  Check out their leopard gecko for sale, crested gecko for sale and gargoyle gecko for sale available in some super rare color morphs!geckos for sale online

baby gecko for sale

CBReptile also has even rarer species of baby geckos including african fat tail geckos, baby african fat tail gecko, adult african fat tailed gecko as well.  They have a large variety of crested gecko morphs but also have leopard gecko breeders then they have insane amount of leopard gecko morphs as well.

If you are getting into New Caldonian species like the gargoyle gecko morphs you are going to love the selection over at Cbreptile!  Baby geckos are some of the most popular reptiles for sale of all in the United states.  Pet Geckos when properly cared for can live decades and give reptile enthusiasts years of enjoyment.  Some geckos are easy to handle and some are not.  When looking for a docile pet gecko, we recommend a leopard gecko, crested gecko, or gargoyle gecko.

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