Bearded Dragon Care

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Before purchasing your very own bearded dragon for sale, be sure to read Tortoise Town’s bearded dragon care sheet to ensure proper care for your new pet bearded dragon.  Below you will find detailed information on bearded dragon care provided by our on-site biologist including the following:

Names: Bearded dragon, Pogona vitticeps, Central bearded dragon, Inland bearded dragon

Bearded Dragon Size

When they reach adulthood, bearded dragons can range from 16 to 24 inches in length. Hatchlings are about 4 inches.

Bearded Dragon Lifespan

Captive bred bearded dragons generally live between 6 and 10 years, but some can live almost twice that long.

Bearded Dragon Habitat

For a short time, a hatchling can be kept in a 20 gallon aquarium. Afterwards, it will need a 75 gallon aquarium or enclosure when it enters adulthood. Proper ventilation should be provided with screening as a top on an enclosure or in the construction of a custom enclosure. When it gets warm outside, bearded dragons can be kept in outdoor cages. It is important to be sure the enclosure provides shelter from the rain, basking areas, and shady areas. Healthy UV is provided from the sun. Branches should be added to their enclosures because they enjoy climbing.

Bearded Dragon Handling and Temperament

Want to learn how to hold a bearded dragon, or how to pick up a bearded dragon? Handling bearded dragons is easy if done correctly. Bearded dragons tolerate handling better than most other lizard species, especially if they are regularly handled from a young age.

Bearded Dragon Lighting and Temperature

Bearded dragons enjoy the heat. A basking spot that is 100 degrees should be provided by a spotlight (mercury vapor bulb AVB) or a ceramic heating element. It should be kept at one end of the cage so your dragon can thermoregulate. The cooler end of the enclosure should be kept at 80 degrees.

A full-spectrum UVB lighting should be provided also. It is critically important for dragons kept indoors because it helps them synthesize vitamin D3, which helps calcium absorption.

Heat can be provided using reptile heat tape controlled by a reptile thermostat or heat emitters too. Keep a thermometer in the enclosure to measure the temperature. At night, the lowest the temp can go is 65 degrees.

Bearded Dragon Food

Bearded dragons are omnivorous, meaning they eat both animals and plants. They are not usually picky eaters. Insects, such as crickets and mealworms, should be dusted with a vitamin/mineral supplement and calcium. Dusting can be achieved by placing the insects in a plastic bag with some of the powder, and shaking the bag to coat the insects.

Also offer bearded dragons finely chopped veggies (such as romaine lettuce, zucchini, carrots, etc.), greens (collard, mustard, dandelion, etc.) and fruit (kiwi, banana, mango, etc.). Use healthy, vitamin-rich items; sprinkle the appropriate amount of powdered supplements on these foods, too. Iceberg lettuce is not nutritious.

Bearded dragons will also eat pinky mice. Again, if you keep your dragons on sand, offer food on a shallow dish rather than placing it directly on the substrate.

Water For Your Inland Bearded Dragon

Water is important, but too much water leads to a wet and humid enclosure. You should mist them using a water spray bottle. They lick water droplets off of their cage and themselves. A water dish should be given to them. It should be large enough for them to soak but not deep enough for them to drown.

Bearded Dragon Substrate

Sand is a favorite substrate of many bearded dragon owners. The only concern with it is that intestinal impaction could result if they ingest some. It is not recommended that you keep young bearded dragons on reptile sand, or any kind of loose substrate. Newspaper, paper toweling or reptile carpet would be better choices.

If you keep your bearded dragons on sand, reduce the risk of ingestion by offering food on a shallow dish rather than placing it directly on the substrate.

Bearded Dragons for Sale

Tortoise Town has a large variety of captive bred bearded dragons for sale. We offer quite a few bearded dragon morphs in our baby bearded dragon for sale inventory. We sell red bearded dragons for sale, leatherback bearded dragons, hypo bearded dragons, and more. Tortoise Town has a wide selection of bearded dragon ages for sale also. Whether you are looking for a baby bearded dragon, or an adult, we’ve got you covered. Our bearded dragon breeder stock consists of many vivid color morphs. Our bearded dragons for sale all come with our full live arrival and 7-day health guarantee. Tortoise Town has a real biologist on site, and handles all of our bearded dragons quite a bit to ensure well adapted, calm pets.

The age groups are as follows: Hatchlings 1 month old, Well started 1-2.5 months old, Juveniles 3-6 months old, young adults 6+ months old.

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