• Sulcata tortoise care

    100% HET for Ivory Baby Sulcata Tortoise

    $225.00$499.00 Sale!
  • Elongated tortoise for sale

    elongated tortoise for sale

    $229.00$289.00 Sale!
  • Sulcata tortoise for sale

    Sulcata tortoise

    $229.95$1,449.00 Sale!
  • red foot tortoise for sale

    Red Footed Tortoise for sale

    $269.95$379.95 Sale!
  • red footed tortoise for sale

    Red Footed tortoise

    $289.00$699.00 Sale!
  • Moroccan Greek tortoise for sale

    Moroccan Greek Tortoise

    $298.00$449.00 Sale!
  • baby yellow footed tortoise

    Yellow Foot tortoise

    $299.95$698.00 Sale!
  • greek tortoise for sale

    Greek Tortoise for sale

    $299.95 Sale!
  • Hermanns tortoise for sale

    Eastern Hermann’s Tortoise for Sale

    $324.95$699.95 Sale!
  • greek tortoise for sale

    Ibera Greek Tortoise

    $369.95$429.95 Sale!
  • leopard tortoise for sale

    Leopard Tortoise

    $379.00$2,799.00 Sale!
  • caramel leopard tortoise for sale

    caramel leopard tortoise for sale

    $388.95$499.95 Sale!
  • Giant South African leopard tortoise

    Hybrid South African Leopard Tortoise

    $399.00$4,895.99 Sale!
  • Russian tortoise for sale

    Russian tortoise

    $399.95$499.99 Sale!
  • Home's hingeback tortoise for sale

    Home’s Hingeback Tortoise for sale

    $399.95 Sale!

Reptiles for sale online

Looking to buy captive bred, hand raised reptiles for sale?

We have a fantastic selection of healthy, active and ready to ship captive bred baby tortoise for sale, well started baby and yearling tortoises for sale and a certified biologist on site to provide top notch care and nutrition as well as to answer any questions our customers may have.  When shopping for a reptile for sale online, or online tortoise breeder, it is imperative that you choose the correct tortoise breeder selling captive bred healthy reptiles for sale (not wild caught baby tortoises for sale online). All of our adult and captive bred baby tortoise for sale come with a health guarantee and FedEx overnight shipping in heated, insulated shipping boxes.  Not sure what pet reptile for sale is right for you?  Shop by tortoise size here. Our most popular reptiles for sale include: sulcata tortoise for sale, russian tortoise for salered foot tortoise for sale, hermann’s tortoise, leopard tortoises for sale and indian star tortoises.  If you are looking for an extremely large reptile for sale, choose the Sulcata (african spur thighed torotise) or the Giant South African Leopard tortoise.  The next size down would be the more common Pardalis Babcocki leopard tortoise.  If you’re looking for a medium tortoise, we would recommend considering the Red Foot tortoise, Cherry Head Red Foot tortoise, or Yellow Footed tortoises.  Looking for a very small reptile for sale?  Consider our beautiful captive bred baby russian tortoises for sale as well as our eastern and western hermann’s tortoise.  The Testudo Hermanni Hermanni Western is going to be the smallest, and most vividly marked of all species of tortoises that we offer at 4.5-6″ in total size, where as the eastern will be 35% larger (7-9″).  We also offer greek tortoises as small to medium options, however Hermann’s by nature are much friendlier than greeks from our years of experience.