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Thank you for visiting tortoise town! We are currently working on this page of our website, so please choose from another link in our website menu.  Tortoise town provides the best baby tortoise for sale and adult tortoises for sale in the world.  We ship overnight and have a health guarantee on all of our baby tortoises for sale.  With a real bioligist on site, shop with confidence that we have the best captive bred tortoises in the world.

A real tortoise farm with tortoise breeders who care

Tortoise town has the best tortoise breeders on site in the USA.  We work with over 25 species of captive bred baby and adult tortoise.  Looking for a new baby turtle for sale? Tortoise town also offers a wide variety of captive bred box turtles for sale as well as water turtles for sale near me.  With nationwide shipping, buy a tortoise today, and receive he or she tomorrow!

  • Sulcata tortoise for sale

    Sulcata tortoise

    $229.95$1,449.00 Sale!
  • baby yellow footed tortoise

    Yellow Foot tortoise

    $245.00$698.00 Sale!
  • red foot tortoise for sale

    Red Footed Tortoise for sale

    $269.95$379.95 Sale!
  • red footed tortoise for sale

    Red Footed tortoise

    $289.00$699.00 Sale!
  • Moroccan Greek tortoise for sale

    Moroccan Greek Tortoise

    $298.00$449.00 Sale!
  • Hermanns tortoise for sale

    Eastern Hermann’s Tortoise for Sale

    $324.95$599.95 Sale!
  • greek tortoise for sale

    Ibera Greek Tortoise

    $369.95$429.95 Sale!
  • leopard tortoise for sale

    Leopard Tortoise

    $379.00$2,799.00 Sale!
  • Giant South African leopard tortoise

    Hybrid South African Leopard Tortoise

    $399.00$4,895.99 Sale!
  • Russian tortoise for sale

    Russian tortoise

    $399.95$499.99 Sale!
  • golden greek tortoise for sale

    Golden Greek tortoise

    $429.00$599.95 Sale!
  • cherry head tortoise for sale

    Cherry Head tortoise

    $449.95$899.95 Sale!
  • Burmese mountain tortoise for sale

    Burmese black Mountain tortoise for sale

    $489.95$849.00 Sale!
  • Pardalispardalisleopardtortoises

    Giant South African Leopard Tortoise

    $649.95$6,749.00 Sale!
  • Indian Star tortoise for sale

    Indian Star Tortoise

    $899.00$5,799.00 Sale!
  • Western Hermann's tortoise

    Western Hermann’s Tortoise

    $899.00$2,499.00 Sale!
  • western hermann's tortoise

    Tuscan Western Hermann’s Tortoise for sale

    $899.00$1,249.95 Sale!
  • ivory sulcata tortoise for sale

    Ivory sulcata tortoise for sale

    $899.95$2,699.00 Sale!
  • Sri Lankan Star tortoise for sale

    Sri Lankan Star Tortoise

    $949.00$3,995.00 Sale!
  • Burmese star tortoise for sale

    Burmese Star Tortoise

    $999.00$6,495.00 Sale!
  • albino sulcata tortoise for sale

    albino sulcata tortoise for sale

    $1,799.95$6,899.00 Sale!
  • baby Aldabra tortoise

    aldabra tortoise for sale

    $2,799.00$7,495.00 Sale!
  • Egyptian tortoise for sale

    Egyptian tortoise

    $2,949.00$4,795.00 Sale!
  • Aldabra tortoise

    ‘Exact’ Aldabra tortoise (J20)

    $3,799.00 Sale!
  • Aldabra tortoise

    ‘Exact’ Aldabra tortoise (J95)

    $3,849.00 Sale!

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