Baby Hermann’s Tortoise Care

Baby hermann’s tortoise care is very important.

During the first year of your tortoise’s life, extra special care must be taken. Because they are so small, it is easy for them to become too cold quickly or too hot and dehydrated.

Your tortoise will require a good few inches of sterilised top soil and coco coir mixed in the table. Babies need to be able to dig down and bury themselves for proper eastern hermann’s tortoise hatchling care.


A hot spot or basking spot should be provided on a thermostat of about 90 F degrees. A cooler end should also be provided for the tortoise to escape the full heat from of no less than 20 degrees. At night the hotter end of the table must be reduced and the temperature should be maintained at 68 F.

Hermann tortoise UVB

It is essential that your tortoise has a UV light. Without UVB light your tortoise cannot metabolise calcium, which can lead to skeletal problems. We do not advise a combined lamp for hatchlings. This is because you do not have control over the temperature of a combined self-ballasted lamp, because it cannot be used with a thermostat.

Please ensure that your Tortoise is fed the most natural of foods. A weed and plant diet is essential. Under no circumstances should you feed meat to your Hermann’s tortoise or any fruit or vegetables. Food supplements are essential. After the first year of the tortoise’s life, twice a week of a light calcium dusting is sufficient. Lettuce has its place as a hydration tool but contains virtually no fiber or nutritional value either. Do not feed any plants that have had pesticides or fertilisers used on them.

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