Leopard tortoise UVB 

Leopard tortoises are from Africa and are used to getting quite a bit of UVB from the hot beaming African Sun.  It is important to not only have the correct temperature including a cool and a basking space, but it is pivotal to also have proper UVB.  We do not recommend the screw in compaq fluorescent lamps and really do not recommend the mercury vapor lamps for tortoise uvb needs.  What we do recommend is high power T5 UVB lamps.  The older T8 style works, but they are not anywhere near as powerful or efficient when comparing the usage in wattage versus the uvb output compared to the t5 High output or t5HO uvb lamps.  You really are looking for a total uv meter reading of 150-175 at shell to light level.

At tortoise town, we have a variety of leopard tortoises for sale.  We have adult leopard tortoises, juvenile leopard tortoise, well started baby leopard tortoise and leopard tortoise hatchling sizes.  As leopard tortoise breeders we work with both regular leopard tortoises for sale, and giant south african leopard tortoises.