Sulcata tortoise temperature

Keeping your Sulcata happy and healthy also includes having the proper temperatures in your enclosure. Offering a gradient that varies from 82-99 during the day is perfect.  Nighttime temps should be in the 77-82 range.  Keep in mind that the basking area should always be in the neighborhood of 94-99 though it can cool down in the evenings.  Sulcata like all tortoises need to thermoregulate.  In order to allow your tortoise proper thermoregulation, providing a gradient of temperatures is key.  Humidity is just as important as temperature and air flow.  We find here at the tortoise farm, that low air movement, high humidity is key for baby Sulcata tortoise temperatures.

Providing the proper Sulcata tortoise temperature gradient

Gradients are the biggest thing with any type of tortoise temperature setups.  Provide your tortoise essentially a hot and cold end, with a gradient of temperature that spans from one end to the other.  If allowed to get too cold for example, the high humidity required for babies will cause an upper resp. illness.

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