Sulcata tortoise Lighting

Like most desert species of tortoise, Sulcata tortoises need a healthy supply of UVB light.  Inclusive of the light is a vitamin d3 supplement, that helps them get more “out of the light” so to speak.  Using a 10.0 or 10% UVB lamp is recommended when supplying proper Sulcata tortoise light needs.

Using the right brand tortoise UVB Lamp

We highly recommend Arcadia brand lighting over brands like Reptisun by Zoomed.  Arcadia UVB lights last longer and provide a better quality spectrum of UVB that covers wavelengths closer to those provided by natural sunlight.  Obviously, supplying natural sunlight is better than using a UVB tortoise light, but you do what you can do. UVB Lighting is 100% necessary to raise any healthy baby tortoise for sale.  Sulcata tortoises would be using light similar to other desert species, like a baby leopard tortoise for example.

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