Aquatic turtle care guide

Explore our aquatic turtle care sheet and learn about the following water turtle related care tips:

Water turtle habitat

As a rule of thumb we recommend that you plan on a tank size of 10 gallons of water per inch of water turtle.  For common species like red eared slider turtles for sale, we recommend starting with a 20 gallon for 1 baby turtle.  Lastly be sure to keep in mind that red-eared sliders can grow to around 10″ as an adult.  For this reason,  it’s likely that you’ll eventually need to upgrade to a larger water turtle tank.

Aquatic turtle tank- water depth

Typically we recommend around 6-12″ of depth minimum.  Larger tanks and aquariums allow for deeper water.  The deeper the water, the cleaner it stays in between water changes.  Deeper water also allows your turtles to swim more freely, which in turn makes them a healthier turtle. Changing the water should be done monthly, typically replacing the water by 50% minimum works wonders for keeping the tank clean.  Depending on the type of biological filter, and if you have under gravel filtration, water changes could be needed more or less often.

Dry Dock for your water turtle habitat

Always provide your freshwater turtle for sale with the proper dry dock to bask on.  Providing a nice dry dock enables your turtle to thermoregulate it’s body temperature thru basking.  At the same time there are many other necessary reasons why dry docks need be provided at all times.  A dry dock enables your turtle to dry out so to speak.  This prevents fungus, as well as algae and other bacteria from growing on his or her shell.  Shell rot, another version of fungus is also avoided when the correct dry dock is used.

Water turtle basking spot

Providing a basking spot is also part of why we provide the dry dock.  The basking/dry dock space allows your baby turtle to thermoregulate,  warm-up so to speak.  Once your turtle is on the dry dock, they will dry out, bask, and absorb the UVA/UVB Rays provided by a Mercury Vapor lamp, which is what we recommend for dry dock hot spots.   During the daytime hours, the basking spot or turtle hot spot should be around 92 degrees.  In the evenings, it can be “off”.  Keep in mind normal water temperature is around 78 degrees for most species of pond turtles for sale

Water Quality and Aquatic turtles

The Quality of the water you use is an important part of your aquatic turtle tank.  Using tap water may require you to either let it sit for 36 hours before use, or use a turtle water conditioner product.  Well water, if sanitary can be used immediately, as it is not treated with chemicals like city water.  Changing 40-50% of the total tank water with a water changing hose is recommended every 4-8 weeks, depending on different variables.  These variables include the size of the tank, the amount of water in the tank, type and quantity of turtles, feeding schedule as well as quality of filtration.  So you see, you have to really understand what you are doing and then it becomes easy to do.

UVB Lighting and water turtles

UVB Lighting is very important for proper growth and having a healthy turtle.  Typically UVB lamps are hung above the water section of the habitat, or span over the entire thing.  The purpose of UVB is for proper growth and vitamin D3 metabolization.  Here at Tortoise Town we use a 10.0 or 10% UVB lamp, including T5 High output lamps.  Reptisun lamps are ok to use, we recommend arcadia as they last longer, though are more expensive.  Tortoise town offers a full line of reptile lighting and heating supplies including UVB lamps.  If using a lower quality or older lamp like a t8 style, you will need to mount it closer to the water.

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