sulcata tortoise for saleHatchling sulcata tortoise care information.  This information will help understand proper baby suclata tortoise care.  Before buying your new baby sulcata tortoise or any sulcata tortoise for sale, please research proper care!

Indoor Baby suclata tortoise Housing: The bigger the better. Got room for a 4×8′ tortoise table? Great! Sweater boxes and Christmas tree storage bins work great. Contrary to the popular trend right now, I actually PREFER glass tanks for all the reasons people say they are bad. “They are too tall and restrict airflow.” Great! More humidity. “The tall sides hold in too much heat.” Great! I can use a lower wattage bulb and my tortoise will stay warmer for less $. You should tape something opaque to the glass, if they constantly rub their nose on it or try to walk through it. I have never had to do this. I like them being able to see me, and me them. You can also use horse watering troughs, cement mixing tubs or large reptile tubs. I generally prefer something waterproof because babies need high humidity and moisture. Wood does not hold up well when its wet all the time and must be sealed somehow.

baby sulcata tortoise care – tortoise Substrate: Coco coir. Cypress mulch. Orchid bark. Plain, additive free, soil. Sphagnum peat moss. Pick one or any combination. I recommend you do NOT use any sand, wood shavings, corn cob bedding, walnut shell bedding, alfalfa or grass pellets, newspaper bedding, any type of hay or any other new fad bedding that comes along. Keep your substrate damp to increase the humidity in the enclosure. If you can keep your humidity around 80% at tortoise level, you’ll have a healthy, well hydrated, pyramid free, happy tortoise. Sometimes I cover part of the top of the enclosure to hold in humidity which is all great.

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Baby sulcata tortoise care – Humid hide boxes: Use at least one. These will help prevent dehydration and pyramiding and simulate the humid burrows that they would have in the wild, to a degree. I like to use plastic shoe boxes for these and semi-bury them in the substrate. I use a Dremel tool to cut out the right size door hole and a quarter inch drill bit to make a couple of ventilation holes on opposing sides. If they don’t use them on their own, I try to “train” them to use them by putting them in the boxes after lights out.

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