Baby Russian Tortoise Care

Baby Russian tortoise care is very important.

Care should be taken to make sure that tortoises do not overeat, but they do require to be given fresh food every day. It’s also important to make sure that Horsefield tortoises always have access to fresh drinking water, particularly the females when they are breeding.russian tortoise care

Russian tortoises are also known as horsefield tortoises require a balanced vegetarian diet. The diet can include a wide variety of plants, as long as they are not poisonous and have not grown in an area sprayed with agricultural chemicals. Leafy greens and weeds should be a big part of the diet, including dandelion, mallow and common grasses. In order to maintain a healthy shell, a tortoise needs plenty of calcium in its diet. Calcium supplements can be purchased from any good pet store. Limestone flour, which is very high in calcium, is available from most equestrian suppliers. Calcium, mineral and vitamin supplements should be scattered over the leaves that form the main part of the diet.

Below are some tips and information on the care of the captive bred russian tortoise.  You can always email us with questions you may have about your new pet russian tortoise.

We offer a huge Russian tortoise care section of our website, all prepared by our staff Biologist.  Take the time to learn proper Russian tortoise care needs including:

A Horsefield will be happy being housed with other Horsefields. This species cannot tolerate high humidity and must never be kept in damp conditions. Suitable housing, indoors or outdoors, needs to be prepared in advance of a tortoise being purchased. Make sure that an outdoor enclosure is well drained and can be kept dry. The Horsefield is very adept at digging and tunnelling, so a layer of wire mesh should be placed at least eight inches below the surface. Different ground levels formed of mounds and rocks will make a tortoise feel safer and less exposed. Climbing rock surfaces also helps to keep claws short. Both outdoor and indoor housing must be kept clean and dry.

A ground layer of sand, soil and gravel can be topped with hay and woodchips to provide a suitably dry surface. A dish of clean water should always be provided. A few clean stones placed in and around the dish will allow easier access for younger, smaller tortoises. A feeding platform can be made from a piece of slate or a flat rock. This will prevent food from getting mixed in with dirt and other non-edible substances.

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