baby african pancake tortoise care

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Red footed tortoise humidity

red footed tortoise humidity Humidity for red-footed tortoises should be kept at 60-80% which is harder to keep in a tank or open enclosure. The best way to establish this is by using a plastic bin with holes drilled throughout and PVC racks. Aquariums may be used but they are harder to maintain humidity in, […]

Red footed tortoise habitat

Red footed tortoise diet

Red foot tortoise diet

pink belly side necked turtles diet

Pink Belly Side Necked Turtle Diet & Feeding    Before purchasing your new pink belly side necked turtle for sale, find the right aquatic turtle for sale breeder.  Whether it be a turtle store, or turtle farm, it is important you find the right turtle breeder selling captive bred baby turtles for sale only.   Our […]