red footed tortoise diet

Red footed tortoises are omnivorous. They consume both animal and plant material in the wild.  Below is a list of red footed tortoise safe greens and red foot tortoise safe vegetables.

Red Footed tortoise safe plants
Most grocery stores have a decent selection of greens that redfoot tortoises readily eat. Ideally the greens should be organic and pesticide free. However this is the real world and not all tortoise keepers have access to “ideal” food. So, I have this section as a starting point for a varied diet. The following greens are easily found in my local stores:
Romaine lettuce
Red and green leaf lettucecherry head tortoise for sale
Turnip greens
Mustard greens
Spring Mix (mixed salad greens)
cabbage (on occasion)

Yellow squash
Winter squash
Carrots (on occasion)
Green Beans (on occasion)

Apples (be sure there are no seeds)
Cactus fruit

Some other favorites of my tortoises that are available:
Hibiscus (flowers and leaves)
Opuntia cactus pads
Mulberry leaves
Hen and Chicks
Ice Plants
Prickly pear flowers, fruit and pads (burn the spines off)
Plantain (not the banana type fruit….the weed plantago major)
Mallow (flowers and leaves) 

cherry head red foot tortoise for sale

Red Foot Tortoise Care Sheet

Rose (flowers and leaves….make sure no systemic pesticides were used)
Chrysanthemum flowers
 Plagiobothrys ssp
Forsythia (flowers and leaves)
 Commelina diffusa (flowers and leaves)
Californian Poppy   

Make sure all plants and weeds fed are cleaned and always pesticide and herbicide free.

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Cherry head red foot tortoise

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