Baby Greek Tortoise Care

Baby greek tortoise care is very important.

Greek tortoises are going to primarily live off of plant food. Tortoises are herbivorous animals and shouldn’t be given animal products. However, giving Greek tortoises cuttlebone to gnaw on will help them get the calcium that they need in order to keep themselves healthy and strong. Giving almost any animal a variety of foods is a good idea, since different plants are going to vary in terms of the chemicals and nutrients that they contain. However, Greek tortoises only consume a fairly narrow range of foods, so that variety must be found within a relatively narrow category.


Many pet owners will order dried, organic herbs for their Greek tortoises. Tortoises tend to have a very low tolerance for pesticides, so it’s important to make sure they eat herbs and weeds that have not been contaminated. Many outdoor weeds, including clover, thistle, and dandelions, can also work as great food sources for Greek tortoises if they weren’t treated with pesticides at any point. Some pet owners will supplement the diets of their tortoises with collard greens and turnip greens as well. There are brands of commercial processed food for tortoises that will work, but ideally, Greek tortoises should be given natural plant food.


Many pet owners are going to want to keep their Greek tortoises indoors, but Greek tortoises should ideally be housed outside. Keeping animals like cats outdoors is actively harmful, but Greek tortoises kept in safe outdoor enclosures will be at their happiest and healthiest. Tortoises also need to have adequate lighting in order to maintain their health, and setting up adequate light sources can be somewhat challenging for pet owners that are working on indoor enclosures. However, there are still plenty of pet owners that have managed to raise healthy, happy Greek tortoises indoors, and outdoor enclosures may not be on the table for everyone.

A pen that is six feet long and three feet wide will usually suffice for the majority of Greek tortoises that are kept indoors or outdoors, although a bigger enclosure will still be better. Greek tortoises can thrive with a range of different substrates. Cypress mulch will work for them, as will a combination of play sand and topsoil. Aspen shavings can also serve as effective substrates. The main thing is to avoid pine bedding or anything containing cedar ingredients, which will only prove to be damaging to Greek tortoises.


Greek tortoises thrive in temperatures of between 75 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. People that live in certain outdoor climates shouldn’t have a problem keeping their tortoises healthy if they keep them outdoors. Otherwise, a properly placed heat lamp will do the trick for a pet owner that’s relying on an indoor enclosure. Indoor enclosures should be kept warmer at one end and cooler at another, which will give the Greek tortoise an appealing mix of temperatures and a place to cool off if necessary. Maintaining exact temperatures can always be challenging, but as long as the temperatures are kept around this range and within these parameters, the Greek tortoises should be fine.

baby greek tortoise care

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