Edible Tortoise Food List
Yarrow Echinacea
Agave Wild Rosemary
Hollyhock Fig Leaves
Ladies’ mantle Sweet Potato
Aloe Perennial Ryegrass
Marshmallow Purple Loosestrife
Horse radish Mulberry
Cow Parsley Watercress
Celeriac Oregano
Tall Oat Grass Petunia
English daisy Radish
Butterfly Bush Black Currant
Pot Marigold Blackberry
Shepard’s Purse Chia
Chicory Dandelion
Comfrey Nasturtium
Artichoke Grapes
Dahlia Raspberry
Mullein Wild carrot

Russian tortoise weeds and GREENS

Russian tortoises are some of the smallest tortoises for sale in the USA.  They are also some of the easiest to care for.  Below you will find some russian tortoise plants that are edible for russian tortoises to eat.
Most super market stores have a decent selection of greens that Russian tortoises readily eat. Ideally the greens should be organic and pesticide free. However this is the real world and not all tortoise keepers have access to “ideal” food. So, I have this section as a starting point for a varied diet. The following greens are easily found in stores:
Romaine lettuce (fed on occasion)
Red and green leaf lettuce (fed on occasion)
Turnip greens
Mustard greens
Spring Mix (mixed salad greens)
cabbage (fed on occasion)

Don’t feed the same food day everyday… Mix varieties of food, and choose a different green as the basis every few days.

OTHER GOOD CHOICES of greens and weeds that are tortoise safe for Russian tortoises.
Some other favorites of my tortoises that are available:
Hibiscus (flowers and leaves)
Mulberry leaves
Hen and Chicks
Ice Plants
Prickly pear flowers, fruit and pads (burn the spines off)
Plantain (not the banana type fruit….the weed plantago major)
Mallow (flowers and leaves)
Rose (flowers and leaves….make sure no systemic pesticides were used)
Chrysanthemum flowers
Cornflowers Plagiobothrys ssp
Forsythia (flowers and leaves)
Dayflower  Commelina diffusa (flowers and leaves)
Californian Poppy   escholzia
Salvia hispanicae

Before purchasing your new baby russian tortoise, or pair of russian tortoises for sale, find the right russian tortoise breeders and only purchase a captive bred russian tortoise for sale.  Do not purchase a wild caught russian tortoise from a pet store!