Edilble plants for tortoises

Edible Tortoise Food List Yarrow Echinacea Agave Wild Rosemary Hollyhock Fig Leaves Ladies’ mantle Sweet Potato Aloe Perennial Ryegrass Marshmallow Purple Loosestrife Horse radish Mulberry Cow Parsley Watercress Celeriac Oregano Tall Oat Grass Petunia English daisy Radish Butterfly Bush Black Currant Pot Marigold Blackberry Shepard’s Purse Chia Chicory Dandelion Comfrey Nasturtium Artichoke Grapes Dahlia Raspberry […]

Russian tortoise diet

Russian tortoise weeds and GREENS Russian tortoises are some of the smallest tortoises for sale in the USA.  They are also some of the easiest to care for.  Below you will find some russian tortoise plants that are edible for russian tortoises to eat. Most super market stores have a decent selection of greens that […]