Leopard tortoise hatchling care

Housing in captivity. Except for hatchlings and juveniles, aquaria should be avoided – mesh enclosures are better. As they get larger a custom built pen is the only really adequate housing for them. A medium size leopard tortoise would need a pen at least 10 feet square and if at all possible it is best for them to have access to an outside enclosure in the warmer months (see below). Because leopard tortoises come from a warmer and dryer climate they don’t cope well with high humidity or cooler temperatures. Leopard tortoises require daytime temperatures of 70° – 90° F (210 – 320 C). Ideally night time temperatures should be 70° – 75° F (210 – 240 C). and should not drop below 60° F (15.60 C). Leopard tortoises do not hibernate in the wild and should NEVER be hibernated in captivity.

It is best to keep leopard tortoises in outdoor enclosures in the summer months where they can take advantage of natural UVB light and heat from the sun. In the USA, however, even in the summer, temperatures need to be monitored carefully. A poly tunnel, or, greenhouse with access to an outside grassy area is ideal for the summer months and can extend the period outdoors from late spring to early autumn in suitable years.

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