Leopard tortoise lighting

Leopard tortoises actively bask in hot climates and so naturally receive a high dose of UVB from the sun. Their enclosure’s UVB should reflect that. A fluorescent UVB tube should be used inside the vivarium with a reflector so no UVB is wasted. The tube should be at least 10% UVB for desert species. There are 2 different types of fluorescent tube, T8 and T5. T5 tubes are the new technology and produce more light and UVB than T8 tubes. T5 UVB also travels much further from the tube.

Tortoise need UVB to make and absorb vitamin D!

Tortoises require UVB in order to synthesize vitamin D3 inside their skin. The vitamin D3 helps the tortoise to absorb calcium which crucial for bone structure and growth. This is why reptiles can suffer from metabolic bone disease (MBD) when not provided with adequate UVB.

Over tables and when created a basking spot in a room, combined heat and UVB flood bulbs.  Be sure to checkout our leopard tortoise care section.

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