African Sulcata tortoise breeding

Mating occurs during the rain season, usually February to March. Males will fight for dominance over females and are vocal during mating. After a gestation period of 60 days, the female searches for a suitable nesting place. Many nests will be made before she chooses the most suitable one. Nests can measure up to 8 inches in width and depth and each one can take between 1 – 4 hours to construct.

Sulcata tortoise breeding (Spurred tortoise breeding)

The female then begins to lay eggs every 3 minutes. Clutches may contain 15 – 30 eggs or more. The nests are then filled in and the eggs completely covered. Incubation lasts 212 days (around 8 months) and hatchlings emerge from the eggs 1 – 3 days after a rainfall, usually at night. It can take 3 – 10 days for the hatchlings to reach the surface of the nest.

A Sulcata tortoise hatchling is pale yellow and only 2 – 3 inches at birth, however, they can grow quite rapidly 6 – 10 inches within the first few years. Like other tortoises, the African Spurred Tortoise can live to a great age. The oldest known species is 56 years old, however, the can live much longer and some can reach 80 – 100 years old.

Sulcata tortoises are some of the largest tortoises on the planet and due to their large clutch (hatch) size, they are reasonably inexpensive averaging around 129.00 for a hatchling, sometimes lower or more expensive based on the time of year and availability of sulcata tortoise hatchlings for sale online or locally by searching for sulcata tortoise for sale near me.

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