Sulcata Tortoise Diet and Sulcata tortoise feeding:

With adult sulcata tortoises, the best staple diets are various grasses and leaves, the same as their natural diet. They will graze on any of the lawn grasses, mulberry leaves, grape leaves, hibiscus leaves and flowers. With size, most sulcata tortoises will eat grass hays (we like orchard grass hay).

Commercial pelleted grass diets (Zoomed Grassland Tortoise diet) can be soaked in water and also fed. Keep fruits limited to occasional treats. Grasses and grass hay are the best diet for the tortoises. While housed indoors it is good to soak them in a shallow water bath to their chin for 15-30 minutes once a week.

We reocommend Mazuri tortoise chow (regular) soaked and softened at least 2-3 times per week.  Mazuri seems to really add “substance” to their diet and is essential for indoor months since it contains a significant amount of Vitamin D3 which is essential for proper health and growth in any baby tortoise.

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